Door Closer Repair Service

Regular building maintenance ensures your establishment remains in good repair and safe for patrons and employees. Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI, conducts door closer repair and installation service designed to warrant safe operation. By performing preventative maintenance, new installations, and effective repairs and replacements, our specialists eliminate the liabilities that result from accidental or unexpected door closer failures. We keep your entries and exits working properly to maintain security, energy efficiency and occupant safety.

Door Closer Operations

The closers used to stabilize industrial grade doors employ a particular type of leverage device for their function. Commercial doors are often heavily fortified to prevent unauthorized access. However, the additional weight requires a counter-balancing influence. This mechanism makes it easy to open the door and control the door closing speed. Depending on the type and style of the door, the closer will typically feature a spring or hydraulic mechanism to perform this function. The size, weight and construction of the door will dictate the type of closer required.

Door Closer Issues

Internal or external damage impacts door closer performance. Problems have the power to inflict serious personal injury, and improperly functioning door closers usually exhibit glitches, including:

  • Difficulty opening the door
  • Jerky movements
  • Locking and frame misalignments

Other signs also indicate impending failure. Although the following problems may or may not interfere with the function of the door itself, they are often responsible for sudden, violent action. Serious door closer repair situations include:

  • Leaking fluids: When the internal mechanisms become damaged, the problem is exasperated by the loss of crucial lubricants. Once the internal parts are unprotected, the closer fails, often slamming the door with extreme force. We conduct closer maintenance that prevents failures and preserves interior parts, seals and components.
  • Visible rust: Rust indicates either age or exposure. Corrosion weakens the mechanism, creating a situation ripe for an accident.
  • Squeaks, cracking sounds or similar noises: Your door closers should work silently. Noises mean that crucial parts have broken or are misaligned, usually due to extreme stress.

Professional Solutions

Many door closer problems are created by neglect, abuse or basic inadequacy. Our skilled specialists perform door closer repair and replacement service, guaranteeing proper placement and ensures that the closer exhibits acceptable load-bearing capabilities and tolerances. We perform door closer repair service on all types of commercial doors, removing problems and restoring them to full working order. Our door closer repair service also includes warranty compliance, so you don't have to worry about voiding your financial safeguards.

Don't ignore your door closer repair and replacement tasks. Damaged door closers present a serious safety threat, increase energy wastes, and compromise the security of your facility. Contact Glass Doctor of Warren, MI, to arrange for your professional maintenance assessment today.