Custom Mirrors

Transform a dark room into a comfortable, beautiful living space by installing a custom mirror. Mirrors draw the eye and scatter light throughout a room, making it brighter and more welcoming. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI, have years of experience designing, creating and installing custom glass solutions. We work with you during every step of the design process. The result is a custom mirror that will powerfully enhance your space's existing ambiance.

Mirrors Made for You

When our glass specialists consult with you, we'll determine the type of mirror you want in your home. We offer several custom mirror options that our clients love. Mirrored walls, for instance, will help a short or cramped hallway appear longer and more spacious. A mirrored backsplash creates depth in a kitchen or bathroom. And statement mirrors adds character above fireplaces and headboards. Trust our team's professional advice!

Creating the Illusion of Space

By strategically placing a custom mirror in your home, you'll open up what would otherwise be a small, cramped space. Mirrors reflect the ceiling and the walls of your home, as well as natural and artificial light. You'll want to spend time in the beautiful, inviting room that the mirror improves. Choose tiled or framed mirrors to complement your home's existing architecture and decor. Our glass specialists will provide you with an in-house consultation to help you select the best mirror for your space.

Accentuate Your Decor

Choose a custom-cut mirror to highlight your home's existing art and glass. We offer a variety of tints, finishes, edges and frames, to help you create a custom mirror that will match your personal style. Choose mirrored shelves to create a panoramic, three-dimensional view of your sculptures or collectibles. Well-placed hanging mirrors will direct light toward your favorite artwork. Our framed mirrors add color, light and personality to walls filled with hanging framed artwork.

Spread Sunshine

Too many rooms feel dark, cramped and unwelcoming. By using mirrored tabletops or a hanging custom mirror, you'll scatter both natural and artificial light throughout your space. If a room lacks windows, hang a few mirrors in just the right places to brighten it up. A bedroom mirror will catch the light at all times of day, which makes your space more welcoming. And mounted mirrors will magnify the light cast by lanterns and desk lamps.

Mirrors Made to Impress

Bedrooms, entryways and closets are perfect places to hang a full-length mirror. That way, you'll get a top-to-bottom perspective of your appearance before you leave home for the day. We will cut, finish and frame any custom mirror to match your existing decor. Use framed mirrors to add an intriguing, sophisticated touch to your space. Or choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror to view yourself.

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Warren, MI, are ready to help you design the mirror of your dreams. With a variety of finishes, edges and frames, it's easy to pick one that perfectly matches your space. We'll even provide you with an on-site consultation, to help you figure out where to hang your mirrors. It's time to add light and color to your home. Contact us today for more information about our custom mirror services.