Glass Table Tops

Every home needs at least one piece of furniture that makes guests stop and stare in awe. From an antique mirror that sets off a sophisticated living room to a custom glass table tops that add a sense of modernity to the space, nothing catches the eye better than glass.

Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass Doctor® of Warner Robins, GA provides you with many different options to bring custom glass table tops into your home. Our team of experts at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins has an unparalleled depth of knowledge about glass design, and a keen eye for aesthetics that will give life to your glass vision. Throughout every step of the process, our team will help you choose the right style and look to fit your needs.

Glass For Any Room

Custom glass table tops are suitable for any room in your home or office. Dining rooms: Make a statement with a fun table top for family dinners Coffee tables: Transform your coffee table into a showcase with a glass top Desks and conference rooms: Sleek and stylish, a glass table top helps your decor stand out Our team is also skilled at matching edgework and other designs with antique pieces, so you can give an old piece of furniture a facelift and revitalize the piece, without spending a fortune.

Glass Choices

Graphic of different glass edges

For your custom glass table tops, you must make important decisions in four areas:

  • Edgework: Our edgework detail options add a personal touch to your custom glass table tops, ranging from a simple rounded edge to a bold bevel.
  • Thickness: The thicker the glass, the more weight it can hold and the more versatile the piece can be.
  • Tint: Adding tint to your glass table top blocks UV rays that can cause damage to the wood underneath the glass.
  • Safety: If the piece is in a high traffic area, like outside or in the living room, you may want to add safety glass features. Safety glass, or tempered glass, breaks into small chunks rather than large glass shards. The chunks are much safer than shards, should the glass ever break.

Beyond Tables

Custom glass has many uses, and one of the favorites for our team at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins is glass shelving. Glass shelves are an increasingly attractive choice, because:

  • They are visually appealing
  • They create a ready made display area for collectibles or artwork
  • With a mirrored backing, they add the illusion of space
  • Customizable to your personal tastes and preferences

Custom shelving is both an eye-pleasing and functional addition to any room in your home. For your glass table tops and other glass decor, contact our team today. We provide free consultations, so let us prove the power of glass to enhance the beauty of your home.