Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Warner Robins, GA

Auto glass care is one of our best-known specialties here at Glass Doctor® of Warner Robins, GA. We pride ourselves on the ability to fix glass found on just about any make or model of vehicle out there. This includes everything from the front headlight covers to the rear windshield. We even repair or replace car and truck mirrors. Whether you've suffered a glass mishap to your front windshield, sunroof, side window or side-view mirror, our auto glass repair and replacement services will be the perfect solution.

Windshield Care

Your windshield is an important component of the vehicle's architectural strength and should be cared for as such. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), during a head-on collision, your windshield is responsible for about 45% of the structural strength needed to absorb the impact. During a rollover accident, it's believed to account for close to 60% of your vehicle’s structural integrity.

A small chip or crack in the windshield may not seem like much at first but it's enough to weaken the glass and may soon spread into something much larger. The first assessment to be done when facing damaged auto glass is whether it can be repaired or it needs to be replaced. Several factors come into play during this assessment process.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Our glass specialists are trained in the use of the industry’s best practices, which means we don't replace windshields unless necessary. In many cases, a chip or small crack can be safely repaired using our unique auto glass repair techniques, and the job can often be completed in as little as an hour. Repairing a windshield is both easier and less expensive than replacing it. In many instances, your insurance carrier will waive the deductible amount simply because a repair saves them from having to make a larger claim payout. Our team will even offer to submit the necessary claims documents to your insurance company for you.

In cases where a repair cannot be accomplished, we'll install a new windshield of equal or greater quality than the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass, mindful of special windshield additions such as built-in sensors, gauges or antennas. Our promise is that the strength or your original, factory-installed windshield will be returned to your vehicle.

Auto Glass Replacement

Most of the glass used on cars today is tempered safety glass, designed to break up into small, safe pieces when impacted and broken. The absence of large, sharp pieces make this glass much safer for occupants in the event of an accident, but this type of glass can't be repaired, only replaced.

Most vehicle manufacturers employ the use of tempered glass for passenger windows, quarter windows, sunroofs and rear windshields. Whether your particular situation requires replacement or will allow for repair, our glass specialists will provide expert consultation regarding your options and our up-front pricing will provide you with an accurate cost estimate prior to any work being started. As an added service, windshield repair can be done at our shop or Glass Doctor of Warner Robins can send a mobile unit out to your location to complete the repair at a convenient location for you.

Added Benefits

Every windshield we replace comes with a 12-month warranty, our Windshield Protection Plan. This one-time only offer provides free replacement or repair if your new windshield becomes broken or cracked. Certain restrictions apply.

We'll also treat your windshield with a coating of Hydrophobic Coating, a liquid protectant that leaves glass surfaces resistant against scratches, hard water deposits, pollutants and environmental damage.

For more information on our auto glass repair and replacement services call Glass Doctor of Warner Robins today or schedule an appointment online!