Door Closers

A positive first impression is essential in customer service, and that starts the minute the customer walks through the door. If your door isn't working properly, it can distract from the level of service you strive to provide. To make each visit a great all-around experience it's essential to make sure your door closer is working properly. Glass Doctor® of Warner Robins, GA provides expert door closer services to establish a safe and inviting environment for your business. Our expert team will make sure that great service starts at the door.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers play an integral role in taking stress off opening a heavy commercial door. A manual door closer gives a slight initial resistance as someone adds pressure that quickly gives way to a smooth glide. Once the user has passed through, the door automatically closes with the help of a spring, sliding gently back into the door frame unassisted.

Door Closer Repair

Our team has been trained to find and resolve the issue that disrupts the door closer. We specialize in determining the best course of action depending on your door closer. Common issues include poorly installed closers, broken seals and difficult to lock entryways.

Incorrect types of door closers: An incorrect door closer creates potential problems and safety issues. A manual door closer must match the size and weight of the door. Signs that your door closer isn't the right one are misalignments, damage to the closer or doors that don't function properly. A professional can let you know whether your door closer is the right one or not.

Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: Installing and adjusting door closers without professional help can lead to liability issues and safety hazards. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins are trained and equipped to take the proper steps for correct installation and adjustment. Not only is it beneficial by preventing misalignments, unexpected movements and danger to customers, it also maximizes the lifespan of the door closer.

Seal repairs and low oil levels: Broken seals and low oil levels lead to bigger issues. Checking your hardware regularly is also essential for your door closer to function properly. Some things the specialists at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins do during a maintenance visit includes:

  • Look for lubricant leaks
  • Make sure the oil level is correct
  • Look for missing hardware and replace it
  • Repair failed seals and broken O-rings

Taking the proper steps ensures that the door doesn't open or close too quickly, which leads to accidents.

Door is difficult to lock: If a door closer is misaligned, it may be difficult to lock your door. Not only does that risk doorframe damage, but it is a security issue as well.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Protect the warranty and extend the life of your door closer by enlisting help from the experts at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins. Our trained team will make regularly scheduled visits to make sure your first impression is a safe and welcoming one.