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Custom Mirrors

If you're considering redecorating your home, bringing a fresh look to your decor without undue expense can be as easy as adding carefully placed custom mirrors to your home. Whether grouping framed or unframed mirrors in rooms, hallways or in your entry, mirrors can instantly transform the mood and visual space of any area.

The custom mirrors experts at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins, GA offer area homeowners an impressive selection of traditional and custom-designed mirrors that will enhance the decor of any home's architectural style. We consistently provide all of our clients with unmatched customer service and years of design and installation expertise.

Custom Mirrors Improve Your Space

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors don't have to be utilitarian objects in certain rooms in the home; they can be used to reflect light or enliven the dominant design hues. Often, designers use mirrors to create depth and add brightness. The true versatility of mirrors is their ability to create the illusion of space in smaller areas of the home.

Here are a few ideas for decorating your home with custom mirrors:

  • Small rooms: Hanging a custom mirror across from a window brightens and enlarges a small room.
  • Fireplace: Add reflective warmth to a room by hanging an over-sized custom mirror across from your fireplace.
  • Kitchen: Mirrored cabinet doors bring color and light into a kitchen.
  • Outdoors: Reflect the beauty of your backyard or pool area by covering a patio wall in mirrored tiles.

Accentuate Your Art and Home Decor

Mirrors represent water in Feng Shui, many famed interior designers use them as fluid design elements. The key lies in pairing the right mirror with the right location. The experts at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins will be happy to help you customize dramatic or soothing mirrored decor.

Here are a few designer-inspired ideas:

  • Hanging mirrors: Hanging a mirror horizontally widens a narrow hallway or staircase.
  • Framed mirrors: Decorative mirrors are most effective when placed in a position that captures the reflection of a beautiful object.
  • Mirrored shelves: These types of shelves trick the eye into thinking the mirror doesn't exist, giving the illusion of floating shelves.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, strategic placement add more natural light to under-lit areas.

  • Bring the outside indoors with large custom mirrors on a wall opposite a large window or French doors.
  • Place a mirror behind a candle or table lamp to maximize the light and create an ethereal look.
  • Incorporate a few small, decorative mirrors into a shelf arrangement to catch the eye.

Mirrors Made to Impress

Don't let the size of large or full-length mirrors intimidate you; they add drama, light and height to any space. Hanging an oversized mirror between two windows fools the eye into seeing an extra window while reflecting extra light into the room. Add a leaner mirror to the living room to create a focal piece. Ask our team members to advise you of the best positions for large mirrors.

Call the custom mirror specialists at Glass Doctor of Warner Robins for a personalized, in-home consultation, unsurpassed customer service and our always expert installation.