Home Window Repair

Window glass repair or replacement is not a job for amateurs, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation either. That’s why homeowners and businesses rely on Glass Doctor® of Tacoma, WA for quick and efficient window glass repair. Our glass professionals always repair damaged glass when possible, but are equally skilled at window glass replacement. When replacement is necessary, we’ll install the glass that is needed to provide maximum efficiency and beauty using industry-best practices and materials.

Window Repair

24/7 Emergency Service

Glass damage doesn’t wait for business hours and neither does Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA. We will secure your home or office against additional loss or vandalism; it is our top priority. When you call our team, we’ll send a team of first responders as soon as possible, any time, day or night. If window glass repair isn’t possible during our first visit, we’ll board-up the broken window, clear the area of any debris and glass shards that could harm pedestrians and pets, then return at a time convenient to you for window glass replacement.

Double Pane Windows

Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA professionals want to protect our environment while helping you lower energy costs. Because of the weather extremes in Washington, many homes have double pane windows. If you’ve noticed a cloudiness or dirty appearance, especially at your windows’ corners, that’s an indicator you’re venting heating and cooling air. During our consultation we will examine the seals of other glass panes for signs of seal stress or damage and explain how we can effect a repair that will improve your windows’ appearance as well as lower your energy costs. Proactive homeowners can treat the damage before it becomes a serious problem with an onsite evaluation and consultation.

Custom Glass Solutions

Historical homes have specialty glass windows, and Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA trained professionals’ window glass repair or replacement will focus on preserving the integrity of your home’s exterior and interior design. Garage and patio doors, office entrance doors, cabinets and shelving all require specialty glass service. Interior decor, like mirrors, curio cabinets and tables, should have the right weight and a safety factor that considers the safety of clients, children and pets.

New Construction, Remodeling and Upgrades

Your home is an important investment. Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA will work with your architect or contractor to install the types of windows best suited to your home, including double- or triple-pane windows that will give your home energy efficiency and curb appeal, increasing your property value. Noise pollution is another consideration for ecology-minded people and office property owners, so be sure to ask your glass specialists about new, advanced windows that will maintain privacy and enhance the appearance of your home.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA is truly your glass and mirror experts for automobiles, home and business properties! We not only specialize in window glass repair, we provide maintenance and protective products and services.

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

One application of Hydrophobic Coating protect glass from scratches and stains while preventing dirt and grime buildup. You can use Hydrophobic Coating to enhance auto glass visibility, especially when driving in rain or sleet. Its protective coating is glossy, attractive and is effective on:

  • Exterior glass exposed to environmental pollutants and extreme weather
  • Porcelain, granite and tile cabinet tops and backsplashes
  • Shower glass enclosures
  • Vehicle windshields

Glass Tinting

We apply a seemingly invisible tint barrier to windows that will not only protect your carpet and upholstery from damaging UV rays, but also offer an additional deterrent to vandals. If you suffer window glass damage, the tinted film will cling to your broken glass until Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA completes your window glass repair or replacement.

Window Hardware and Components

Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA trained specialists will repair or replace broken locks, balances and latches on any window, including tilt and antique glass.

The Advantage Plan®

All our customers are important, but with our Advantage Plan, you’ll have priority when there’s area-wide damage from a hailstorm, for example. Members receive:

  • Discounts on services and repairs
  • A breakage guarantee for the length of your membership

There’s no charge for an in-home or office inspection. We strive to make window glass repair or replacement stress-free and fast! We’ll also file all paperwork with your insurance carrier if possible. Call Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA at (253) 336-8150 or contact us today for a well-cared for windows.