Custom Mirrors

Customized mirrors are a way to enhance and showcase your style, as well as be a statement piece in your home. Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA provides industry-trusted glass solutions for custom cut mirrors that are finished in a variety of shapes and sizes. Add a unique statement piece to your home today!

Expanding Your Home

Custom mirrors are not just for practical purposes: they also enhance your home. Mirrors have the remarkable ability to both reflect and accentuate colors and views, creating a striking effect in any room. By placing a mirror across from a window can increase the natural light in your room and open a dark room.

Our specialists will walk through the entire process with you. No sketching needed! Our glass experts listen to your ideas, ensuring that your design concept is realized and conceptualized. Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA gives you custom specifications to choose from, including sizing, shape, edging, and thickness to your glass. Providing key insights with years of practical experience your custom mirror will be covered with a unique tint to match your color scheme. No matter what room, Glass Doctor’s custom mirrors are able to enhance it.

Creating Depth and Space

Hanging mirrors in small spaces, such as foyers or small hallway give the illusion of higher ceilings, and lighter. The perfect mirror arrangement illuminates dimly light rooms using natural light and compliments the style of the room.

  • Mirrored Wall– Apply mirrors to make tight areas like foyers or hallways look more spacious
  • Accent Mirrors– statement mirrors above fire places, headboards or other accent places
  • Mirrored Backsplash– mirrored backsplash to create more depth for your kitchen or bathroom

Inspiring Mirror Options

These head-to-toe perspectives allow you to perfect your appearance quickly and double as a jaw-dropping artistic piece in your home

  • Framed Mirrors– By using full-length mirrors – which come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and frames – your room can seem larger, with a higher ceiling.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors– Helps with attire, and other aspects of your appearance just right, before you leave the house.

Enhancing Lighting

Custom mirrors have the ability to reflect light, open up interior spaces, makes rooms look larger, and provides an impressive makeover for a small price.

  • Bedroom Mirrors – Using mirrors to augment the artificial light form lamps and natural light from windows, skylights or doors.
  • Mounted Mirrors – Strengthen the illumination produced by lanterns, desk lamps, floor lamps, and other sources of lighting.

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Glass Doctor of Tacoma, WA delivers customer-approved glass décor that matches your unique stipulations. Schedule an appointment today for an in-home consultation. Our glass specialists will collaborate with you to make your vision come to life.