Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Syracuse, NY

If a crack or chip is obstructing the view through your windshield, Glass Doctor® of Syracuse, NY provides complete auto glass care so you see clearly again.

Auto Glass Repair

Your windshield is more than a shield to the road; it also provides structural support for your vehicle in the event of a collision. Failing to repair a cracked or chipped windshield could compromise the safety of you and your passengers in an accident. Even a tiny chip in your windshield can quickly spread into a large, dangerous crack.

Don't take an unnecessary risk. Instead, let the specialists at Glass Doctor of Syracuse, NY make your windshield whole again. We are able to make a complete repair in about an hour for most cracks less than three inches long and chips smaller than a quarter.

Auto Glass Replacement

For larger cracks and chips that cannot be repaired, Glass Doctor of Syracuse, NY offers complete windshield replacement services for any vehicle. We use only Auto Glass Safety Council approved adhesives and techniques, so you are confident that your new windshield is safe.

We will also replace window glass that has become damaged or broken. Unlike windshield glass, passenger glass is tempered so it does not crack or chip, but shatters. Instead, it breaks into small, safe chunks to avoid injury to passengers making repairs impossible. This type of glass is also used for sunroofs, quarter glass, and the back windshield.

Complete Auto Glass Care

Most insurance companies cover a portion of auto glass repair and replacement, so there is a reduced charge to you. We will even file the paperwork with your insurer to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Plus, every new windshield we install comes with our exclusive Windshield Protection Plan. If your new windshield becomes damaged or broken within 12 months following installation, we will repair or replace the glass for free. Get an added layer of protection with an application of Hydrophobic Coating protectant that will keep your new glass free from scratches and stains, making it easier for you to see during inclement weather.

Schedule an Appointment

Our glass experts are trained to provide fast, reliable auto glass care for any vehicle. When you contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Syracuse, NY, you will receive a professional consultation and an accurate estimate for the repair or replacement of your glass. To learn more about our services or to arrange a windshield repair for your vehicle, call or schedule an appointment online today!