Custom Mirrors in State College

Custom mirrors are an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your living areas and add a sense of space to your home. The expert team at Glass Doctor® of State College has the perfect custom mirror designs to meet all of your glass needs. We have decades of combined experience bringing client dreams to life, and we will work with you through every step of the design and installation process to provide you with custom mirrors that you love.

Mirrors for Every Room

Living Rooms

Your living room is often the first room that guests notice when they enter your home. When the room feels open and inviting, your guests are comfortable and at ease; however, when the room feels cramped, guests feel a bit uneasy. Our team at Glass Doctor of State College has several options for your living room that will transform your room.

Accent mirrors: Placed in the corner or at the end of a hallway entering the living room, accent mirrors add a sense of length and depth to even the most confined spaces. The same mirrors will amplify natural sunlight, making the room seem well lit for longer hours each day.

Showcases and bookshelves: Custom mirrors do more than just reflect the room; they can also create a unique background for your most precious belongings. Glass display cases allow you to publicly showcase your art or collectibles in a way that highlights your personality.

Designer pieces: Our designers at Glass Doctor of State College are skilled craftspeople who will tailor an artistic statement piece that is one-of-a-kind for your home. The piece will catch the eye and work as a conversation starter for years to come.


Custom mirrors in the bedroom serve both a practical and a design purpose. When you invite our specialist to your home for a consultation, we will show you how a variety of mirrors will enhance even the smallest bedroom. The most important aspect of any design addition is your happiness with the piece, which is why we custom make mirrors to your specifications.

Wall mirrors:If you want to look your best before you go off to work or out for a night on the town, a few minutes in front of a full-length wall mirror will put your mind at ease. Our custom mirrors fit on the back of your door, to give you additional space, or on the wall to act as a piece of decor.

Framed mirrors: Natural light has been shown to increase mood and mental alertness. Placing framed mirrors throughout your bedrooms magnifies the existing natural light.

Bathrooms and kitchens: Custom mirrors in your bathroom or kitchen elevates the decor of the room and adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Mirrored backsplash: A backsplash made of small mirrored pieces is both visually stunning and a practical addition to your kitchen.

Vanities: A custom vanity allows more flexibility and creativity in your bathroom decor than a standard piece of glass.

Mirrors Made for Your Home

We proudly offer mirrors made to suit any room. Our experts at Glass Doctor of State College are experienced in meeting the specific desires of each individual client's needs. Contact us today to request a custom mirror consultation or to discuss your custom glass needs.