Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in State College

Business owners and managers are naturally proactive people. They predict trends, estimate sales, and make knowledge-based decisions every day. Proactive glass care with the one-of-a-kind Glass Doctor® of State College, Advance Measurement System is a knowledge-based decision that business managers make to ensure the fastest possible response and service when glass damage occurs.

How Advance Measurement Works

Glass Doctor of State College, professionals will measure all glass windows, doors and mirrored accessories in a building. Our team will note the type of glass and discuss other options you may want for the future, such as bulletproof, fire-resistant or UV-blocking. If you have glass that breaks frequently, we can keep it, pre-cut and in-stock, for when you need it.

Your contact, credit and insurance information will be on file with Glass Doctor of State College. Day or night, as soon as your property suffers glass damage, call and report the location of the damaged glass. We'll have all the glass sites numbered on a chart and may have the exact piece you need in stock. That means your glass specialists may be able to finish the repair in one visit and avoid the confusion that a board-up causes employees and customers.

Proactive Glass Care for Faster Emergency Repairs

For most businesses, glass damage is always an emergency, so we're always available with 24/7 response. However, in an area-wide emergency, businesses on file with the Glass Doctor of State College, Advance Measurement System receive top priority.

We will make glass repairs before you open for business, if possible. Our first responders will clean the area of all debris and glass shards that pose a hazard to employees and pedestrians, and if a board-up is required, we'll ensure it's secure, to prevent additional damage from weather or vandals. Glass Doctor of State College, specialists will file the necessary paperwork directly with your insurance company, saving you even more time.

Glass Care

No one wants a business glass emergency, but if and when one occurs, Glass Doctor of State College, will be prepared because you prepared for the emergency with a proactive glass care program for disaster recovery. To take advantage of the Advance Measurement System, call (814) 626-9100 or contact us online.