Windshield Repair and Replacement by Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis

Although a chip or a crack in your windshield is never something you want to see, it doesn't have to be expensive to fix. The highly-trained auto glass repair specialists at Glass Doctor® of Greater St. Louis assess windshield damage and repair or replace it on-site while you wait, often in less than an hour.

windsheild repair

Timely Repairs are Important

The most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to windshield damage is that time is of the essence. If you call us to repair a crack or chip as soon as you notice it, our success rate is very high and the costs are minimized. As glass damage ages, it becomes more difficult to repair. Cracks spread quickly, eventually becoming too large to repair. As chipped spots age, it takes more work to smooth them out to maintain transparency.

Windshield Safety First

Besides the added cost and difficulty caused by delay, safety is another critical factor. When it comes to your safety, your vehicle's windshield forms an important barrier between you and the outside world. The glass in your vehicle is of excellent quality and is designed to remain in one piece in the event of an accident, preventing injury from fractured glass. A windshield that has been damaged no longer has the same strength and can shatter into upon collision. As it's the job of the police to look out for the well being of drivers, a damaged windshield may also mean a costly traffic ticket.

Glass Doctor Windshield Repair Process

Once you call us, we'll dispatch a specialist to assess the damage to determine if it is repairable. Cracks less than a few inches long and chips about the size of a dime are usually repairable. If the specialist determines the damage cannot be safely repaired, we'll discuss windshield replacement options. Usually we are able to install a new windshield on the same day, but it will be a more time-intensive process.

During your windshield service, we'll work with your auto insurer to get the best possible deal for you. Insurers look upon auto glass repair favorably since it removes the need for an expensive windshield replacement. Quite often, you'll end up with no out of pocket expense if repair service is selected. We'll also go over our Windshield Protection Plan. If you require windshield repair or replacement within one year of replacement service, we will repair your windshield for free.

Do not put off calling Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis when you notice your windshield is damaged. We deliver fantastic auto glass care with no surprises. Schedule your service today!