Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving in Greater St. Louis, MO

Glass is a tried and true home decorating tool. It makes small spaces appear larger; it adds a touch of sophistication to homes; and it is a strong tabletop option for any furniture piece. Glass Doctor®of Greater St. Louis excels at helping you integrate glass into your home.

Glass Tabletops for Every Room of the House

Glass makes an ideal tabletop material for dining room tables, coffee tables, desks and antique furniture. Glass is durable and aesthetically stunning. Whether you are protecting an existing tabletop with a glass overlay or creating a unique, custom-made tabletop, Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis has the experience and expertise you need.

Use glass tabletops in a variety of pieces:

  • Dining room tables
  • Writing desks
  • Coffee tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room tables
  • Patio tables

Shapes, Sizes and Edge Options

One of the best things about using glass as a tabletop material is that it offers an array of options. Every shape is a possibility. There are more than a dozen edge profiles from which to choose. Talk to a Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis specialist about what shapes and edges are available and which will best enhance your home decor.

Protecting Your Glass and Your Family

Broken glass tabletops are dangerous. Shards of shattered glass cut hands and feet. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable when glass breaks. That's why Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis offers you the opportunity to add an extra layer of protection to your glass tabletops.

Tempered and laminated glass are types of glass that are less likely to break than regular glass. It is typically used for outdoor patio furniture and glass shower doors, but it is also an option for indoor glass tabletops in high-traffic areas of your house. In addition, specialists from Glass Doctor offer tinting services, which protect your glass tabletops from the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom Shelving

Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis has helped countless homeowners integrate glass shelving into their home decor. Glass shelving is sleek and contemporary. It stands the test of time, adding touches of class to every room. But most importantly, custom glass shelving is incredibly functional.

Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis specialists help homeowners create custom glass shelving that:

  • Adds to the ambiance of any room
  • Makes the most of all the space a room has to offer
  • Works well with the other home decor items in any given room
  • Actually has the space and configuration to store and display the items you want to store and display
  • Is custom designed to match your personal style and home decor needs

To learn more about integrating glass tabletops and custom glass shelving into your home decor strategies, contact Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis today.