Door Closer Repair Service by Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis

If you want to use heavy doors at your business, whether for fire safety, aesthetics or security, you need to install door closers. These devices may appear simple, but only a professional can choose, fit and maintain them. Keep yours in proper working condition by relying on the door closer care service from Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis.®

Door Closer Operation

A door closer removes some of the effort required to open a heavy door. As you apply pressure, you will gain a sense of the weight of the door before it glides open. When you release the door, it will close slowly behind you, sealing to the frame.

When to Seek Door Closer Care

A door closer must match the weight of the door. Springs that are too weak put you at risk for injury or may lead to damage to the door or closer. Below are a few more examples of improperly functioning door closers

  • Improper installation: When a door closer is installed by anyone other than a trained specialist, the device can easily become misaligned or may cause the door to make unexpected movements.
  • Oil leaks: An oil leak is usually due to a missing screw, a broken seal, or a damaged O-ring. All these problems require prompt attention to avoid low lubricant levels, which can cause doors to open or close too quickly. Failed seals also create clearance gaps, exposing hardware to potential damage.
  • Locking problems: A door that is difficult to lock is more than just a security risk. Over time, you may damage the doorframe, locking mechanism, or door closer.

Count on Our Expertise

Seek attention from Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis if you have any problems with your door closers. Trying to rectify the issue yourself will void your warranty and may cause further damage. Our team will check your door closers to ensure everything is in working order and to maximize the lifespan of your door closers. Contact us today to learn more!