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Commercial Security Bar Service

Your business is one of the largest investments that you’ve ever made and Glass Doctor® of Greater St. Louis wants to help you protect it. Locally owned and operated for over three decades, Glass Doctor hopes to curb crime in our St. Louis communities and bring you peace of mind with its commercial security bars.

Reasons to Install Security Bars

  • Reduce the risk of theft: Thieves are often opportunistic criminals. They look for ways to quickly enter and exit a building. With security bars on your property, thieves won’t have the chance to break in easily.
  • Protect irreplaceable inventory: You don’t have to be a high-end store to use security bars. If you have rare or unique items, window bars go a long way toward deterring thieves.
  • Protect expensive inventory or sensitive information: Sometimes a lock isn’t enough to keep out wrongdoers. If you stock expensive items, or are responsible for keeping sensitive information safe, window bars will further protect your assets.
  • Comply with local laws: Depending on the inventory you sell or the type of business you run, the law may require you install security bars. This is often true, for example, for gun shops or pharmacies.
  • Have extra protection if a window breaks: Security bars reduce the risk of thefts and looting if strong winds break your windows. The same is true for other situations that may result in broken glass.
  • Possibly receive insurance discounts: Depending on your commercial insurance carrier, installing security measures in your business may earn you discounted premiums.

About Glass Doctor of Greater St. Louis’ Security Bars

At Glass Doctor of St. Louis, our specialists install security bars in as little as five working days on the ground level of commercial properties. For added peace of mind, we back the work with a standard one-year warranty.

Building Type

We install burglar bars on the ground level of any type of building, regardless of its configuration or building materials.

Security Bar Color

We use black iron for most of our work, but white iron bars are available upon request.

Security Bar Location

At Glass Doctor of St. Louis, we prefer to install window bars on the inside of buildings because they are less noticeable and less likely to draw attention. However, we are happy to install the bars on the outside of a building upon request.

Security Bar Installation Process

  1. A specialist takes expert measurements of your building and the areas that will have the bars.
  2. Using the measurements, the expert draws a diagram so you can see the proposed configuration.
  3. Upon approval, you receive a comprehensive cost estimate.
  4. Glass Doctor of St. Louis sends the approved design to our supplier.
  5. The supplier makes the custom burglar bars in one or two business days.
  6. Our specialists install the bars at your business.

As a local business, Glass Doctor of St. Louis knows the value of safety and security. To learn more about our security bars and commercial glass solutions, call us today.