Industry Glass Services for St. George's Commercial Businesses

New windows, decorations and other glass upgrades to make your business more pleasant will increase consumer appeal, attracting new revenue and creating a positive reputation. Glass Doctor® of St. George offers glass products and services to create a more efficient business property.

Ask about our members-only Commercial Care program. As a member, your company will receive preferred scheduling and response times, discounted industry glass repair and board up services and discounted auto glass services for all vehicles on the property. Our repair team works to provide quality services for:

Condominiums and Apartments

Not only will Glass Doctor of St. George give your tenants beautiful living accommodations, but we will also reduce their living costs. Installing insulated glass doors and windows will lower their heating and cooling bills. We also install and repair frameless shower doors and tub enclosures, safety glass for pools and other amenities to make tenants happier and more comfortable.

apartment windows


In the modern food service industry, quality ambiance is often just as important as quality food. Customers want to eat in a beautiful, intriguing environment and with atriums, decorative windows and tinted glass from Glass Doctor of St. George, you can easily give them just that. Besides decorative features, we also offer glass sneeze guards and buffet covers to make your restaurant more hygienic as well as insulated and low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to make your business more efficient and sustainable.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Let our team outfit your dorms, study halls and libraries with the latest in decorative and functional glass. We also provide partitions, tabletops, one-way observation glass, enclosures for school showers and display cases for school awards. If any of your glass breaks or wears down, our industry glass repair team is just a call away.

Retail Stores

Cut costs and impress customers with insulated glass windows. These provide a beautiful, clear border to display your products while keeping your store safe from outdoor weather. If your wares are vulnerable to UV fading, Glass Doctor of St. George will install tinted or Low-E glass. We can also install mirrors in your dressing rooms, glass cases for indoor wares and glass display tables and decorations.

Hotels and Motels

Lower cleaning costs and improve room hygiene by installing glass enclosures in your guests' bathrooms, gyms and locker rooms. Reduce the risk from broken glass by using tempered or laminated glass products and slow the potential spread of fires with fire-rated glass. We also provide mirrors, tabletops, doors and furnishings ideal for temporary residences.

Cities and Municipalities

City governments have a responsibility to make their citizens feel safe and secure by installing tempered, laminated and fire and bullet-resistant glass. Besides providing safety glass, Glass Doctor of St. George will also reduce your city’s carbon footprint and spending by installing insulated glass units (IGUs) and Low-E glass on all windows and doors.

With Glass Doctor of St. George industry glass repair team standing by, you will never have to worry about broken glass. Schedule an appointment online today.