St. George's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

A broken glass pane, whether in a window or a door, interrupts your business, creates a safety hazard and a potential security breach. Glass Doctor® of St. George fully understands the need for quick emergency glass repair in order to reestablish your location's safety and security. We provide our customers with emergency glass repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As part of our emergency repair service, we offer measuring services for quick glass replacement as well as emergency board-up.

Quicker Emergency Glass Repairs

Repairing your broken glass as quickly as possible is essential to minimizing your business interruption. To do so, enroll in our Advance Measurement system. Enrolling in this program will give your business access to a special service which predetermines your glass needs. Glass Doctor of St. George glass specialists will create a diagram detailing your property's glass use and needs. Using the diagram, you will be able to report exactly what glass has been damaged. We will then be able to immediately check and see if your glass is in stock. This will allow us to replace it within a single visit to your property instead of having to make multiple trips to identify the type of glass and return with appropriate panes to make the repair.

Benefits of Proactive Glass Care

Implementing our Advance Measurement system will shorten repair times, reducing the safety and security issues of a broken glass pane. There are additional benefits to the program as well. You will not only save time and money by enrolling in our Advance Measurement system, but you will also be able to pre-establish your credit and contact information, which helps to expedite the replacement process even more. Joining the program grants your business access to our in-stock replacement service. If your property makes use of glass that experiences frequent damage, we will keep that type of glass in-stock as a backup as part of our service to ensure speedy replacement whenever you need it.

Commercial Care

At Glass Doctor of St. George, we offer businesses with a Commercial Care program designed to reduce business costs and increase convenience. As part of our Commercial Care program, you will have access to the following services:

  • Priority after-hours emergency response
  • Access to our skilled glass specialists that are dedicated to your business
  • Membership pricing on all glass repair and installation work
  • Emergency board-up services provided at a discount rate

Commercial Account Setup

Whatever your emergency glass repair needs may be, we are here for you. Contact our glass experts at Glass Doctor of St. George for all of your commercial glass needs, whether it's for emergency glass repair or for custom glass services.