Door Closer Repair Service in St. George, UT

Business owners know the challenge of creating an inviting storefront; a portion of your shop's appeal lies in the entryway. Partake in door closer maintenance to ensure your customers can easily enter and exit your building. The experts at Glass Doctor® of St. George offer a range of commercial door closer care services. Your entryway will welcome your guests and look enticing when you trust our team with its care.

Door Closer Basics

Door closers allow clients to enter a business with minimal effort. When correctly operating, a door closer opens when the right amount of pressure is applied. Once the customer releases the door, it will gently close behind them. If the door closer is maintained, it will open without sticking and close without slamming shut.

Door Closer Repairs

Constant use, component failure and inadequate maintenance often affect the performance of commercial door closers. A properly cared for entryway will operate smoothly for years without fault or component failure. The door closer specialists at Glass Doctor of St. George are trained to locate and repair any problem quickly, using highest-quality door closer components. We commonly tackle four types of door closer issues:

Incompatible door closers: Installing the wrong size or type of door closer will shorten the life of the unit and may even lead to misalignment of the doorframe. Using the right components is essential to our specialists, who consider a business's security needs and the amount of customer traffic when selecting a door closer.

Faulty installation or maintenance: Every door closer must be securely attached to both the door and frame to operate correctly. Our experts have years of experience in repairing and installing door closers that will prevent the following problems:

  • Damage to the door or frame
  • Safety or security hazards to employees or customers
  • Door closer breakdowns

Leaking oil: Leaking oil is a hazard in a busy entranceway. Our door closer care services include making expert repairs before recommending door closer replacements.

Lock problems: Potential security risks occur when a defective door closer isn't repaired or replaced.

Door Closer Care Services

Amateur or unskilled door closer repairs can void active warranties. Trust our trained specialists to care for your entryway. The Glass Doctor of St. George team offers on-site inspections and unmatched door closer care services packages. Our commercial door closer program guarantees incomparable customer service and proven expertise. We will care for every aspect of your storefront, including door closers, doorframes, thresholds and custom commercial glass doors and windows. Contact us today!