Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Moore & Montgomery Counties

A bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to renovate. It’s easy to see why, the bathroom is used multiple times every day and it often is a deciding factor for prospective homebuyers. Instead of tearing apart your entire bathroom, which comes at great expense and disruption to you, let Glass Doctor® of Moore & Montgomery Counties install a new glass shower enclosure. This fine addition will reinvigorate your Southern Pines' home.

Our specialists usually install your new enclosure in a day. This single change will have a huge impact on your bathroom. It will instantly create a bright, beautiful centerpiece. We offer shower doors for every style, from classic framed doors to custom heavy glass enclosures. If you don’t know where to begin, our shower enclosure specialists will guide you step by step, from design to maintenance.

We’ll visit your home and help you design and select a shower enclosure that will perfectly complement your bathroom. Our specialists will consider the following:

  • Safety and Support: We’ll determine if your walls and supporting studs can support the weight of the glass you have selected.
  • Shower Heads: We’ll help you choose a showerhead that won’t spray water outside of the enclosure.
  • Accurate Measurements: We’ll accurately and precisely measure the areas being remodeled. This will enable us to quote you an accurate price for materials and work to ensure that your enclosure will be made to the exact specifications.
  • Ventilation: Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to moisture-related damage, since it’s a damp environment. This can cause paint to peel and mold to grow. Proper ventilation is key to avoiding these issues. Our specialists will help you improve the ventilation in your shower enclosure by installing glass steam room kits.

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Browse our shower door gallery and glass options for ideas. You’ll see innovative patterns and colors that will help turn an ordinary shower enclosure into an eye-catching, yet wonderfully functional, centerpiece to the room.