Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Moore & Montgomery County

Having a disaster recovery plan in pace is an important way to protect your business. Proactive glass care should be a part of your disaster recovery plan as well, and it's easy for any establishment to obtain by enrolling in our Advance Measurement system.

As part of our Advance Measurement program, our glass service specialists at Glass Doctor® of Moore & Montgomery Counties will inspect your facility and measure all glass panes, including doors and windows as well as other glass products. We will document what types of glass you have in addition to any safety glass code requirements. We will then create a diagram of the facility that includes the locations of all of your glass panes, which will be individually numbered.

Quicker Emergency Glass Repairs

If you experience glass breakage, you will be able to report the exact pane of glass that was damaged by the numbers on the diagram. Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties is available 24 hours a day and will be able to provide immediate glass replacement if the pane is in stock, which means you skip an emergency board-up.

As a member of our Advance Measurement program, you'll be able to expedite the replacement process even more by pre-establishing your credit and contact information.

Our In-Stock Options

If your facility contains glass that breaks on a frequent basis or is essential to operations, join our In-Stock program. We will pre-order any panes you desire and house them until you have need. Keeping your panes on-hand guarantees you the quickest glass care service.

Benefits of Our Advance Measurement Program

Improved convenience: You won't have to wait for multiple trips to have your broken glass measured and repaired. Nor will you have to wait to have replacement glass ordered.

Improved safety: Our specialists will clean up your broken glass and either replace or board up the damaged areas, thereby reducing the risk of injury to your customers or employees.

Improved security: Because we provide 24 hours emergency glass repair and replacement services, you won't have to worry about your business being exposed to vandalism and theft after hours due to a broken glass door or window.

Improved image: Broken glass and unnecessary board-ups hurt your property's curb appeal, which can create a negative first impression on potential customers.

Eliminate billing conflicts: The ability to pre-establish credit information will eliminate billing conflicts.

Protect your business before any damage occurs to your property's glass windows and doors with proactive glass care. Schedule an inspection with a Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties specialist today!