Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Moore & Montgomery Counties

Enhance your living, dining and bedroom environment with beautiful custom glass tabletops and shelves. Glass Doctor® of Moore & Montgomery Counties have acquired years of combined experience working closely with clients to provide top-quality glass decor additions. Our glass specialists will discuss your options during an in-home consultation. We will help you choose the custom accents that best fit your home, including glass tinting, glass thickness and edgework detail. To address safety issues, we offer both laminated and tempered glass. Before you head to the store for an average piece, consult with our team about the opportunity to add specialty glass in your home.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

Keep sensitive antique surfaces safe from harm and spend less time cleaning we elect to add a protective glass surface.

Custom glass tabletops are perfect for:

  • Writing desks
  • End tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Antique surfaces

Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties will cut custom glass tabletops to your unique specifications, adding accents like stylized edging for aesthetic appeal. Our specialists will assist you with every step of the process.

Enhanced Defense for Your Home Glass

  • Tinted glass: Defend surfaces from damaging UVA and UVB rays that will cause surfaces to crack or fade.
  • Safety glass: Great for keeping patio areas safe, safety glass is available in both tempered and laminated options. Keep young ones and pets safe from potential harm caused by shattered glass. For indoor use, safety glass is perfect for shower doors.

Custom Shelving

Combine aesthetic appeal with function by installing custom shelving. Bring your own artistic taste into the home or office to enhance the ambiance, reduce clutter and foster a more comfortable environment.

Visual appeal: Available in many styles, custom shelves are engineered to impress. Our glass specialists offer many stunning custom shelving options to choose from.

Function: An excellent addition to any room, custom shelving allows you to conserve space and make the most out of your square footage. Install custom shelves in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or closets to accentuate your home decor. Glass Doctor of Monroe & Montgomery Counties will offer insights to help you select a custom shelving option:

  • Style and design: Choosing the best shelf configuration for your artistic taste.
  • Height and Configuration: Conducting measurements to prevent wasting space.
  • Number of shelves and layout: Prevents issues with items that are too big or too small to be stored on the shelf.
  • Glass color choices: Create an indoor environment that fits your style.

Don't waste money on store-bought glass. Glass Doctor of Monroe & Montgomery Counties offers the best industry custom glass tabletops and shelves to create the home you've always wanted. Contact our specialists over the phone or simply fill out a quick service request online.