Door Closer Repair Service in Moore & Montgomery Counties

Your storefront doors are the first to welcome customers and the last to see them out. If the doors don't open and close smoothly and safely, you risk alienating customers with negative first impressions of your business. Fortunately, well-maintained and properly installed door closers make a big difference for local businesses. These manual mechanisms are simple but important components of your storefront hardware, responsible for providing the appropriate amount of resistance while swinging open and closing again gently.

At Glass Doctor® of Moore & Montgomery Counties, we know how important it is to make a good impression on everyone who walks through your doors. Our specialists offer a variety of door closer care services personalized to suit your business.

Door Closer Repairs

At Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties, we want to make sure your commercial doors are equipped with high-quality door closers. Because malfunctioning doors may be downright dangerous, when you have a problem it's important to rely on specialists who have experience with door closer care and repairs.

Our glass experts have the knowledge and tools they need to diagnose your door closer problems. We will look for the following symptoms of a damaged or insufficient door closer:

  • Slamming shut: Doors that slam shut too abruptly may need new springs or a sturdier door closer.
  • Misalignment: If your door doesn't properly line up with the door frame and the door itself, you may gradually damage the frame and springs.
  • Locking difficulties: This is a security risk, so we will do our best to repair or replace your lock.
  • Broken seals: Oil leaks and faulty springs are signs that a leak has happened, so we will find and repair it before refilling your oil levels.

No matter what is wrong with your door or door closer, we will find the solution you need to welcome your guests with ease once again.

Remember, your door closer may still be under warranty. Make sure you don't void the warranty with amateur repair attempts, which may damage crucial components or cause slight alignment issues that lead to further damage. Instead, call Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties to schedule a professional consultation or on-site door closer repair services.

Door Closer Care

Prevent the need for future repairs by staying on track with our commercial door closer care recommendations. We will check the springs, screws, and other components of your door at each visit. Ultimately our goal is to make sure your door stays safe and is easy to use.

We also provide a variety of other door care services at Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties. Call us if you need a solution or maintenance services for your door frame, door glass, thresholds and other door hardware.