Custom Mirrors in Moore & Montgomery Counties

Mirrors add light, depth and functionality throughout your home. In your bathroom, they are crucial to perfecting your daily look. Mirrors reflect light to open up hallways and small spaces. Entranceway mirrors allow a final glance as you leave for the day. At Glass Doctor® of Moore & Montgomery Counties, we appreciate how much you rely on the mirrors in your home. We proudly offer a wide range of custom mirror options and the expertise to guide you through the customization process.

Create Depth, Space and Fun

From the tiniest bathroom to the narrowest hallway, mirrors add an illusion of depth. They attract and reflect natural light to open up living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Mirrors expand small rooms by reflecting and duplicating the surrounding beauty you've created. A large living room mirror becomes a fascinating focal point that draws the eye.

When placed strategically, custom mirrors in your home perform a variety of tasks.

  • Bedroom mirrors: Add a hint of sunlight to naturally light rooms
  • Wall mirrors: Give greater depth to small spaces
  • Kitchen mirrors: Enhance the food prep process

Capture Light

At Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties, our specialists offer custom mirror options that capture light and diffuse it into your darkest spaces. You can brighten your home and enhance your surroundings with wall-hung mirrors, mirrored doors, mirror-tiled walls, mirrored tabletops and your choice of decor. We create and customize your selections with the edges, shapes, tints and other options that achieve the look you want.

Showcase Art and Collectibles

Mirrors draw attention to your must-see art, craft, collectibles, and statuary. Mirrored arrangements reflect illumination that accentuates your paintings and prints and reduces the need for harsh artificial lights. Our professionals offer a wide variety of shelves, display cases, and mirrored frames to provide the creative arrangement you desire.

Mirrors Transform

Mirrors are the perfect design option when you want a small change that produces big results. Whether you choose a single elegant mirror or add contemporary mirrored accents to every room, custom mirrors will enhance your existing decor. They will transform your home.

Call for Your Consultation

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties are ready to redecorate your rooms with beautiful custom mirrors and decor. It's easy to get started. Visit our appointment page to schedule a consultation or call us at (910) 944-2924 for more information.