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Double Pane Windows


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Double pane windows are a good investment for your home, and the return in comfort and savings makes them well worth the cost. When the summer begins, your insulated windows will make it easier on your air conditioner to keep the cool air inside and allow your A/C system to work more efficiently. In fact, you will see a significant reduction in your home heating and cooling costs soon after insulated windows are installed. Glass Doctor® of Seneca, SC specialists determine the kind of double pane windows, a type of insulated glass, that best fit your home.

Double Pane Window Efficiency

double pane window

Insulated windows are incredibly efficient because of the technology in between and on the panes. In between two or more panes of glass, a spacer is placed to maintain a tight seal while creating a pocket of air. This inner area can be filled with a gas for added insulation. To decrease water buildup between the panes, the spacer is filled with porous beads, called a desiccant, or made from moisture absorbent materials. Then edges of the frame are sealed with a powerful sealant that acts as a final preventative to condensation forming between the panes. The net effect is to create an airtight unit that is capable of keeping inside air in, and outside air out.

Window Repair and Replacement

If anything has compromised the nature of your insulated window, Glass Doctor of Seneca, SC will fix your unit. When you notice a milky or cloudy appearance in the window, that's a sign the window has broken a seal. Our specialists restore the integrity of the window through seal repair and pane replacement. If the issue is extensive, which includes damage to the glass and frame, we replace the whole window.

If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of truly energy efficient double pane windows, schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Seneca, SC and arrange for a home visit. Our consultants will evaluate the sizing and type of windows for your home and discuss choices for installation.

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