Storefront Doors

For almost every customer, the storefront is usually the first part of your business they view. A storefront defines your business and gives your customers a lasting memory. You want your storefront to provide your customers with a good first impression, so be sure to address any unsightly chips or cracks by hiring the right professionals to tend to your glass repair needs. The Glass Doctor® of New Braunfels team has the experience and resources needed to tend to your storefront glass repair needs.

Storefront Doors

We do much more than simply repairing storefront doors and windows. We offer a full selection of decorative storefront doors that can match the unique personality of each business and its staff, handling all aspects of the ordering and installation process for you. For businesses that require bulletproof, fire-resistant, hurricane-impact or other safety features for storefront doors and windows, we have a myriad of selections. Our tempered safety glass is a popular selection due to its ability to further protect the business. Increase exposure and create a consistent branding scheme with storefront glass that features your company name, address, hours of operation and logo.

Storefront Security Film

You can take proactive steps to minimize damage if you are ever in need of storefront glass repair services by installing storefront security film. Our glass specialists at Glass Doctor of New Braunfels add an extra layer of protection through this special film that filters sunlight into the space while protecting your doors and windows from damage due to weather condition. Our security film also deters would-be criminals from breaking into your property after hours. At the same time, the film works to keep the broken glass in large chunks, making it safer for your employees and customers in case you do experience unexpected breakage.

Emergency Services

We know many accidents occur at inconvenient times. We do not make you wait until the next business day before we respond to such emergencies. We provide 24/7 service to our customers, so if you do experience breakage, your security can be quickly restored. Our professional glass specialists perform all of the storefront glass repair services possible at the time of your initial call, including cleaning up the site and boarding up the damaged area. We then return at a time that is convenient for you to complete the professional installation of your replacement glass.

In addition to providing storefront glass repair services and installing new storefront glass, Glass Doctor of New Braunfels provides a complete line of commercial services. Contact us today to find out more.