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New Braunfels, TX

Double Pane Windows

Severe weather and temperature fluctuations take their toll on windows. When windows are improperly sealed, they allow drafts into rooms and you lose your temperature-controlled air conditioning and heating to the outside. New Braunfels, Canyon Lakes and surrounding area homeowners count on Glass Doctor® of New Braunfels for dependable, durable window replacement and repair.

double pane window

Windows are the number one source or energy loss in buildings. Glass Doctor of New Braunfels specialists will check your home inside and out to determine if you're losing your climate controlled air. Our specialists will:

  • Check window caulking for breaks.
  • Look for gaps between the pane and the frame.
  • Ensure weather stripping appears solid and intact.
  • Inspect panes for milky appearance or condensation.

Double Pane Window Repair & Replacement

Lengthen your window's lifespan, save energy and decrease noise pollution when our specialists install insulated glass units (IGUs). These energy-effective windows are made from two or more panes of glass with insulating spacers. Spacers separate the glass panes and tightly seal the space between the panes. Spacers are made from a special desiccant material that absorbs moisture and sustains dryness or another type of thermal barrier called a warm-edge or super spacer.

The window unit perimeter is entirely sealed to prevent condensation. Some insulated glass windowpanes have argon or krypton gas inserted into the space between panes to provide even greater insulation.

At Glass Doctor of New Braunfels, our specialists have been trained for fast, superior window repair and IGU window replacement. Sometimes you don’t have to replace the entire window, and if we can save you money and energy leaks with a repair, that’s what we will do. Our glass professional will give an exact price estimate for the best, most cost-effective solution.

Call Glass Doctor of New Braunfels at 830-214-1289 or schedule your appointment online.  

Keep the frame, replace the glass.