Door Closer Repair Service

Even the beauty and repose of the Texas Hill Country can be disturbed when you suffer glass damage to your business. Glass Doctor® of New Braunfels professionals live in the Canyon Lake and Comal County area, so we understand the value of promoting a welcoming atmosphere to customers.

Door closer repair service from Glass Doctor of New Braunfels is more than a business option; it’s an absolute must for any business. First impressions count, you want your guests to feel the ease of entry when you welcome them to your shop. Our door closer repair and maintenance is the proactive company’s preference for customer safety and storefront appeal.

How Door Closers Work

A gentle entrance without the distraction of closing the door is what your customers will notice when they arrive. What they won’t notice is your glass door gave them just enough resistance to let them know it’s a heavy, safety glass, then glided open effortlessly, encouraging them to walk inside. Once they are inside and release their pressure on the door, the closer’s arm retracts gently and quietly until fully shut, using a spring mechanism to return to the door to its frame.

Door Closer Repair

A misalignment of your entrance door with its frame can possibly damage the door itself. It’s also a safety risk to your customers. Seal or lubricant leaks and low oil levels can cause abnormal, unexpected door movements that are a threat to customer and employee safety. You need the right professional with the right tools to prevent doorframe damage and misalignments.

A door that’s difficult to lock can pose other risks: If you find yourself pushing, pulling or wiggling the key too much, you may have misaligned door. Plus, your security should never be jeopardized because of a faulty locking mechanism or door closer. The most common mechanical problems we encounter during door closer repair are:

  • Broken O-rings
  • Failed seals
  • Detached screws

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of New Braunfels will install and then maintain your business’ door closers to keep them working effectively and safely. If your original door installation is still under warranty, don’t void the contract with a DIY repair or risk it by having an untrained, unlicensed handyman attempt repairs.

Glass Doctor of New Braunfels specialists have extensive, solution-oriented training indoor closer repair and maintenance. Not only do we offer professional service for glass repairs and replacements, entrance doors, and door frames, but we also have an on-site consultation service to assess all glass and mirror windows and accessories.

Our goal is to make your business attractive, appealing and, most of all, safe for your customers and their families. Call 830-214-1289 or contact us online to discuss commercial glass care possibilities today!