Storefront Doors Installation and Replacement in Nashville

In the business world, few things match the value of a good first impression. That’s why it’s so important to have well-designed, appealing storefront doors. A broken door or an outdated design can cause a customer to pass right by — especially in a place like Nashville, where almost every street is dotted with unique and appealing retail spaces.

Don’t let potential customers pass you by. Call Glass Doctor® of Nashville to get the storefront doors you need to attract clients.

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Types of Storefront Doors We Install in Nashville

In a densely populated area like Nashville, you need storefront doors that serve as both an advertisement and a barrier. High-quality doors invite customers in while standing up to acts of vandalism and other criminal activity.

Our team offers a wide range of storefront door options, each designed to meet the needs of businesses in Nashville. Some of the services and types of doors we install include:

  • Hurricane impact safety glass: While hurricanes are rare in Nashville, strong winds are not. Our hurricane-impact safety glass can resist high-speed impacts from windblown debris.
  • Bulletproof glass: If you operate a business with merchandise that may be enticing to robbers, bulletproof glass can help keep your employees, customers, and merchandise safe. This glass is designed to withstand gunfire and is extremely difficult to break into.
  • Customized branding: We offer customized branding services for your storefront doors that can help attract the attention of potential customers.
  • Security film: Adding security film to an existing storefront door or window makes it stronger by preventing shattering during high impacts.

In addition to these services, we also offer 24/7 emergency service. If your doors break during a storm or are shattered as a result of vandalism, we can come and repair or replace them as soon as we get your call.

What to Expect During a Storefront Door Installation

We always do our best to make sure that our installations and replacements meet your expectations. To ensure this, we carry out a detailed installation procedure that includes numerous quality control checkpoints. Here’s a quick overview of our process:

  • Measurement and assessment: Before taking you through the different types of doors we install, we’ll measure the current openings to see which doors will fit.
  • Initial consultation: We’ll come to your business to inspect your current doors, talk with you about your preferences, and explain some of the various storefront door options we offer.
  • Quote: After the assessment, we’ll provide a detailed quote. This will include material costs, labor, and optional additional services. We’ll also propose a timeline for the project.
  • Scheduling: Our team will work with you to find an installation time that fits your schedule.
  • Preparation: We’ll outline any preparatory steps you need to take before we arrive. Some common tasks include temporarily directing foot traffic to an alternate entrance and clearing the area around the door.
  • Installation: We’ll arrive with all the materials and tools needed to complete the installation. We’ll carefully remove the old storefront doors and install the new ones.
  • Quality control checks: Our installation team will do a quality control check to ensure your storefront doors are properly installed.
  • Cleanup: After installation, our team will clean the work area.
  • Client inspection: Before we consider the service complete, we invite you to check our work to make sure you are satisfied with the installation.

Storefront Door FAQs

What are the ADA codes for storefront doors?

Storefront doors need to be ADA-compliant. If they aren’t, your business could be fined or forced to change its doors to a compliant configuration. To be compliant, the door must be at least 32 inches wide and 80 inches tall. It should also be able to open to 90 degrees.

In addition to these requirements, doors must also:

  • Have no hardware above the 48-inch point on the door.
  • Have nothing projecting into the opening beneath the 34-inch point on the door.
  • Include handles that are easy to grasp and do not require a twisting motion.
  • Have 10 inches of clean, smooth surface in front of the door.
  • Not exceed a threshold height of 3/4th of an inch.

While not part of ADA compliance, fire codes also require any doors that lead to the outdoors to open outward from the building. This allows people to evacuate quickly in the event of a fire.

Contact Glass Doctor of Nashville for Storefront Door Installation and Replacement

Whether you want more appealing storefront doors or ones that can stand up to high impacts, our installation and replacement services can help. Contact us today to upgrade your doors to new models that better meet your needs.

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