Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Whether you’re looking to replace, repair or renovate, Glass Doctor® of Nashville is your go to authority in glass tabletops. Our experts are prepared to offer a full consultation, assisting you in making the best decisions regarding savings, style and safety.

Glass Tabletops

Glass provides an exceptional solution that isn’t limited to only tabletops. Desktops, antiques and even counter space can all be improved dramatically with our glass expertise. Glass is a clean, stylish option that can save you time and energy, adding a professional and modern look to your home or business.

At Glass Doctor of Nashville, we are simply not satisfied until our customer is absolutely one hundred percent pleased with our work. Much more than just another decoration, glass tabletops treated by our specialists can come in a wide array of excellent styles and appearances to suit your interest and tastes. Options include various bevels, rectangle, square, oval and more!

Custom Shelves

Take your furniture to even greater heights and consider our custom shelving services, allowing the experts at Glass Doctor to create beautifully crafted pieces designed to suit your specific needs.

Engaging Design

Custom design allows a home or business owner to impart more than just appeal, but personalized appeal, allowing the personality of the owner to show. From tint and color, to shape and size, we offer it all. We can all appreciate a finely crafted piece, but something created just for your space offers an experience like no other. To add even further customization, ask us about our tinting and color options.

Superior Functionality

Equally important, custom shelving can solve the problems of wasted or unutilized space. By offering complete free-range of choice regarding size, location and function we can guarantee a unique piece that is sure to please.

Additional Safety

Graphic of different glass edges


Adding a measure of tinting to your glass can extend its life many times over, shielding it from damaging sunlight.

Tempered or Laminated Glass

An option primarily for your outdoor furniture, safety glass offers a measure of reassurance by both making your glass furniture more resilient, and much less dangerous in the event of inclement weather or accidents. Our tempered glass is designed to break into small pieces that don’t offer any dangerous sharp edges or pointy ends that may endanger you or your loved ones.

Whether you’re looking for something to jazz up your home or business, or you’re in need of an above and beyond repair service, contact Glass Doctor of Nashville to serve all of your glass needs.