Door Closer Repair Service

If your customers have difficulty entering and exiting your establishment because the door is in poor repair, they might reconsider returning. A door that does not work properly is more than just a nuisance. It poses a threat to small children, the elderly or the disabled. Trust Glass Doctor® of Nashville specialists to return your entryway to its original condition.

Expert Door Closer Care

A manual door closer should allow customers to easily open the door, then gently close the door automatically behind the person. If the door closer is working correctly, the user will feel a bit of resistance, then the door should glide open easily. If the door is difficult to open or damaged, ask our experts for assistance.

A door that closes too quickly is a problem. If a guest has not cleared the doorway, they could become injured or have their property damaged. A door that closes too quickly will also cause damage to the door frame, locking mechanisms, or the door itself. Let a door closer care specialist from Glass Doctor of Nashville make sure your door closer is working safely and effectively.

Door Closer Replacement

In some cases, a door closer is not working properly because the incorrect model has been chosen, or it has been installed incorrectly. If the wrong closer is installed, your door will not open and close properly, or it will not close the door completely. An incomplete close will allow small critters to enter your establishment while driving up the cost of your heating and cooling. Our specialists are highly trained and will replace incorrect or damaged door closers quickly and efficiently.

Regular Maintenance

From adding oil to replacing worn seals, we will inspect and maintain your door closers so you may enjoy a long life from them. Don't risk voiding the manufacturer's warranty by performing the work yourself. Our specialists will complete routine maintenance tasks and repairs so your warranty stays intact. Plus, we will assist with door frames, handles and hinges, doorglass or any other components that need attention.

No Obligation Consultation

The best door closer care from Glass Doctor of Nashville starts with a no-obligation consultation. We will travel to your location and make a complete inspection of the repairs or replacements that are necessary. You will get a complete quote for materials and installation before we do any work, but you still have no obligation to proceed. We strive to be transparent so you understand every service you select. To learn more about door closer care, or to get your repair started, call or schedule an appointment online today.