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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Custom glass tabletops and shelves from Glass Doctor® of Minot will rejuvenate your home. From your kitchen and dining room to your living room and home office, custom glass decor not only creates a stylish ambiance, but also protects your furniture and makes cleaning a breeze.

Our glass specialists offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to custom glass decor, we always recommend homeowners schedule a consultation to learn more about how glass can bring out the best in your home. A member of our team will arrive at your home ready to answer all your questions and offer advice on choosing the best glass thickness, tint and edgework detail for your furniture. We also provide information on how you can avoid potential safety issues regarding heavy glass tabletops and shelves.

Learn More About Glass Tabletops 

When you work with Glass Doctor of Minot, you can choose among a tremendous variety of custom glass finish and edging options. Custom glass tabletops are ideal for dining room tables, coffee tables, writing desks, conference room tables and antique furniture alike. Our experts will measure and custom-fit new or replacement tabletop glass for any surface. Whether you want to protect your new table or preserve a piece of furniture that has been in your family for generations, custom glass tabletops are the perfect solution.

Extra Protection

  • Tinted glass: Creating a custom glass tabletop with tinted glass gives your furniture an extra element of protection against harmful UV rays, preventing fading and extending the lifespan of your furniture.
  • Safety glass: If you have pets or children in your household, consider a custom tabletop made from safety glass to protect them from breakage. Tempered and laminated safety glass is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, including poolside and patio furniture. 

Explore Custom Shelving Options

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass Doctor of Minot creates custom glass shelving that perfectly blends form and function. When you need to get organized, store-bought shelves simply cannot compare with custom shelving, which cuts down on clutter, improves the functionality of your home or business, and allows your personal style to shine through.

  • Visual Appeal: Work together with our specialists to create custom shelving that matches your home decor. We offer a range of style options for a dramatic, eye-catching look. Choose your favorite glass tint and let our team configure your shelves in a way that accents your space without overpowering it.
  • Function: We consider many factors, including shelf height, configuration, number of shelves and distance between each shelf to avoid wasting space and to make sure your new shelves have just the right amount of room for everything you need to store on them. For any home or business, custom shelving is the ideal organizational solution.

Custom glass tabletops and shelves are among the many home decor options available from Glass Doctor of Minot. Contact our team today to begin the process of rejuvenating your home!