Home Window Repair

Broken windows are a part of life; Glass Doctor® of Midland, MI endeavors to make glass repair a fast, hassle-free experience. Our specialists have seen it all and work all hours. Put their training and experience to work when you have foggy windows, a broken latch or a great idea for sprucing up your home's look.

Window Repair

Broken glass doesn't always call for an entirely new window. The Glass Doctor of Midland, MI team knows all the tricks for bringing safety, security and beauty, back to your home after a window breaks. The first thing we'll do when you call us to your home is carefully analyze your situation and come up with the best solutions for a reasonable, affordable fix.

Emergency Services

There is never a reason to lose sleep over a broken window in your home. A Glass Doctor of Midland, MI specialist is on call 24/7, ready to come to your home and make emergency repairs. If a window shatters in your home at midnight, we'll be there fast to clean up the mess and replace or board up the window, so you can get back to sleep in your safe and comfortable home.

Double Pane Window Repair

When your double pane, insulated windows start showing signs of condensation or fog between the two glass pieces, give our team a call. More than likely, the problem is a corrupt seal. Our specialists are familiar with seal failure and can usually repair your windows in under an hour. Often, a total window replacement is unnecessary. Instead, we'll slip out the broken pane and insert a new one seamlessly. Once we're done, you may notice a difference in your home's utility costs and your family's comfort. Repairing windows restores energy efficiency to the unit.

Specialty Glass Repair

If it's got glass, it's prone to break. Glass Doctor of Midland, MI will come to the rescue when your glass decor and fixtures become damaged. We repair glass windows, garage doors, mirrors, tables, doors and all varieties of glass decor around your home. Windows are just the start of what we can repair. We also create custom glass pieces for homeowners in Midland.

Window Replacement

Though we will always look for repair options before recommending you replace an entire window, sometimes window replacement is the only safe and efficient alternative. Of course, when your family is ready for an upgrade, we can accommodate this request, too.


Glass Doctor of Midland, MI has experience and knowledge Midland homeowners trust for any window replacement work. Our experts will give you the best advice available for finding the perfect new windows for your needs and your budget. Let us install new insulated glass units (IGUs), either double or triple pane models, throughout your home or perhaps consider an upgrade to our special low-emissivity (Low-E) glass designed to protect your home from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.

Additional Glass Services

We do more than repair and replace your home's windows; Glass Doctor of Midland, MI experts specialize in professional window tinting services and window component repair. If the non-glass parts of your windows are having problems, the balances, sash locks or tilt latches, we can repair those items to improve window function.

Gain the Advantage

With the Advantage Plan® from Glass Doctor of Midland, MI, you will get priority scheduling of all repair and replacement work, special discounts, free home inspections and guarantees against broken glass in your home for as long as you are a member.

Reach out to the Glass Doctor of Midland, MI team today for home's best glass solutions!