Shower Door and Bathtub Surround Options & Accessories

By adding the right touches to your bathroom it can become a relaxing and comfortable space. Glass Doctor of Midland, MI offers a variety of shower doors and enclosures to best fit your style. Our service professionals are happy to help you through this process of updating your bathroom, from choosing the perfect door to installing the final additions.

Before you begin to design your new shower door you will need to consider the type of shower door, the showerhead, and the types of glass.

Glass Doctor of Midland, MI gives the options of framed, semi-framed, and frameless shower doors. Framed doors use metal to hold glass together and gives a classic look. Semi-frameless has metal around the edges of the glass panels, but not on the inside of the shower. Frameless shower doors are modern and make your shower look larger. After that, it is time to choose your favorite glass texture, pattern, and tint. Make these choices to match the amount of privacy you want and to match your aesthetic preferences. Finally, choosing a showerhead is the final step. A good showerhead does not spray outside the shower when the door is opened. You may need to test different showerheads to find the right one for your new space.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

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Bathtub Enclosures

It is important to think about the small details when choosing a bathtub enclosure. The best type of tub enclosure depends on the materials on the bathroom walls. If your enclosure is made of heavy glass, then the walls will need extra support to hold the glass. Talk to a professional today about the options that Glass Doctor of Midland, MI gives you.

Why Glass Doctor?

To make sure that your shower door or tub enclosure fits perfectly into your bathroom, the service professionals at Glass Doctor of Midland, MI take extra steps. They will:

  • Take expert measurements of your bathroom to ensure the correct dimensions are on record to prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Adequately control relative humidity levels so they are not too high with ventilation. As you select your favorite shower doors or tub enclosure, your glass specialist will ensure there is good airflow and clearance above the door.

Whether you want to learn more about options for frameless shower doors or are ready to transform your bathroom, contact Glass Doctor of Midland, MI today to schedule an in-home consultation. Our glass specialists will pair you with an enclosure that looks great and meets your budget.