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Door Closer Repair Service

Door closers are among the first pieces of your business which with customers interact. Don't let entrance care be an after though. Instead make your storefront inviting to consumers with quality door care from Glass Doctor® of Miami. Our team will properly maintain, replace and install door closers for your business.

Door Closer Problems

A door closer should provide a small amount of resistance before yielding to a person. A properly functioning door closer will smoothly open and gently close. Without proper maintenance or repair, closers can cause significant problems. In a worse case scenario, your establishment could be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act if your door closers don't meet the proper standards. Circumvent every issue with our expert assistance.

Door Closer Repair

A variety of issues may arise if you do not provide proper care for doors and closers. Our team will:

Replace the wrong type of closer

The weight of the door determines the strength of its door closer and springs. If the right type isn't installed, your door will become damaged and the closer will wear out quickly. These issues result in increased safety risks to your customers or employees as the door opens or shuts too suddenly.

Fix Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Our specialists will ensure your doors closers are properly installed, adjusted and maintained. This will keep them operating smoothly and safely while improving their longevity.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken seals cause clearance gaps which will make your business less comfortable and waste the money you spend to keep your Miami business cool in the summer. Broken seals may also cause hardware damage or oil leaks. If oil levels are too low, doors may open or shut too quickly, possibly causing injury or damage to the door.

Correct Hard to Lock Doors

If a door is hard or impossible to lock, you risk your business. You will note issues for your door frame, lock and closer if this is the case.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you attempt to fix your door closer yourself or ask another untrained person to do it, you could void its warranty and cause damage to other components. Our specialists have the tools, training and expertise needed to take care of any issues, including ones related to other door parts such as frames or hinges. Enroll in our door closer repair and maintenance program, and you can devote your time and energies to running your business while we make sure your doors operate safely and smoothly.

For more information or to enroll in our door closer program, contact Glass Doctor of Miami today.