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Custom Mirrors

Designers use reflective glass to add interest, beauty and light to spaces. Miami-Dade County residents continue this timeless trend with a custom mirror from Glass Doctor of Miami.® Mirrors made to your exact specifications are a great, affordable way to give any space bespoke touches that reflect your personality. When you work with a glass specialist, you will have peace of mind with our guaranteed quality craftsmanship.

Custom Mirror Benefit Every Home

Our team will use mirrors to increase the appeal of any room. Whether you use the piece as a focal point or a way to add more light to a space, our team will help you determine the best placement and design. We will remain respectful of your budget. Consider the myriad of benefits a custom piece affords.

Mirrors Added Dimension

Make a space seem bigger without the expense of a remodel project with a strategically placed custom mirror. During a complimentary in-home consultation with a glass specialist, the expert will provide suggestions on how to use mirrors to make a room seem more open. You will find that a well-placed mirror not only gives a space added depth, it also amplifies its lighting without the need to add new light fixtures. Ideas for using a custom mirror in your home include:

  • Statement mirrors: Hang a large, framed custom mirror above a headboard or fireplace mantle to increase the ambient light and add a touch of elegance.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Protect your walls and give a bathroom or kitchen a contemporary update with a mirrored backsplash.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirror: Mirrored walls make small rooms and other tight spaces, such as hallways and walk-in closets, appear bigger.

Accentuate Home Decor and Art

Mirrors are more than attractive elements in a space; they're also functional. Use them to show off fragile, decorative or collectible pieces in your home. Then give a mirror unique personal touches with tints or custom edge styles. Ways to use mirrors as art or to highlight your favorite items include:

  • Mirrored cabinet: Use mirrors on cabinet shelves and backs to give a multi-angle view of your valuables. This allows others to see the items without handling them.
  • Light-directing mirror: Use a mirror to make a space look brighter and to direct light to your favorite artwork.
  • Framed mirror: A custom mirror with a beautiful frame gives a room a splendidly artistic touch. Hang several mirrors among photos and artwork to create an interesting arrangement.

Augment Lighting

Whether lamps or the sun illuminates a room, a custom mirror will boost the space's lighting at any hour. If you don't have much space on your walls, use a mirror on a tabletop to create a similar light-amplifying effect. Increase the light in your Florida home with:

  • Well-placed mirrors: Increase the light in a room with mirrors above nightstands, on closet doors, above dressers or opposite a window.
  • Mounted mirror: Place a mirror behind lamps, sconces and lanterns to enhance the artificial light in a space.

Mirrors for Added Confidence

Glass Doctor of Miami offers a wide selection of mirrors and customization options, making it simple to design one that perfectly complements your decorative tastes. We often add mirrors to a space to give owners the opportunity to check their appearance. These pieces will be placed strategically to afford the greatest benefits.

  • Framed mirrors: Give a space a touch of sophistication with a framed mirror.
  • Full-length mirrors: Install a full-length mirror to get a complete picture of how you look before walking out the door.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Miami are ready to provide expert recommendations about the ideal places to hang custom mirrors in your home. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to learn more about the custom options available and the benefits of well-placed mirrors.