Storefront Doors

Storefront glass windows and doors fulfill several important marketing and security roles. Glass units provide customers with an attractive first impression of your business and keep your premises safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Making sure your windows and doors stay in optimal condition is a top priority. Specialists at Glass Doctor® of Lynnwood have the right training, experience and tools to take care of your storefront glass care according to the highest professional standards.

Storefront Doors

Our specialists not only perform needed repairs and replacements, we also upgrade your establishment. We offer a variety of storefront doors to suit your business' practical needs while enhancing its appearance. If you'd like, we'll even turn your door into an instant marketing tool for your business, adding imprints of your company's name, logo, address, hours of operation and contact information.

If your business needs safety glass to protect against various hazards, we also install hurricane impact glass, as well as bulletproof and fire-resistant panes. We strive to meet the unique needs of each customer, so before we begin any work we meet with you to consult.

Security Film

For businesses that need an extra level of protection, our specialists will apply security film to your existing storefront windows and doors. It still allows sunlight to enter your premises, but it ensures that if your glass breaks, it will separate into large, safe chunks rather than sharp shards. The debris will be easier to clean up and much safer for employees and customers. As an added benefit, security film helps provide added protection against weather-related damage as well as break-ins. The film withstands a great deal of damage before tearing.

24-Hour Emergency Services

We understand that the safety and security of your business depends on a quick repair or replacement, so we provide emergency service 24/7. Our specialists will re-establish your premises by sweeping up the site and fixing or replacing your damaged glass. We'll even board up the damaged area if your new glass needs to be ordered.

Trust Glass Doctor of Lynnwood to provide the highest level of storefront glass care to keep your business safe and attractive. Whether you'd like a new energy-efficient storefront window or have weather-related breakage in the middle of the night, our specialists are ready to help.

Contact us today to find out more about our storefront glass care services and other programs and products that will benefit your business.