Door Closer Repair Service

The sound of a slamming door is jarring, and it's a sound that you do not want your customers associating with your business. Improper door closer care renders your door closers inadequate, creating a constant litany of slamming doors throughout the business day.

Door closer care service from Glass Doctor® of Lynnwood improves the operation of your door closing mechanisms, and ensures they are in proper working order when you need them.

The Need For Door Closers

In a perfect world, every person who enters your building would shut the door on their own; however, that is not always possible in the real world. Customers have their hands full of packages, they are trying to handle their children, or they simply fail to realize the door did not close on its own.

A door closer solves the problem by using a spring to gently glide the door back into place after it has been opened. The customer feels a slight bit of resistance when opening the door, but the resistance is not enough to make the door overly difficult to open.

Proper Door Closer Care

Like any mechanical device, the door closer does require regular care. Our team of experts at Glass Doctor of Lynnwood uses a comprehensive care schedule for your closer. The care program includes:

Installing the right closer: A common problem in door closer care is the installation of the wrong device for the job. A heavy door closer on a light door swings the door too quickly, causing the door to slam or swing into people coming in and out of the building. On the other hand, a light closer on a heavy door does not have the strength the put the door back in place.

Realignment: Over time, a door closer will drift out of alignment. When this happens, the door will not shut properly, will not lock as designed, and may cause damage to the frame. Our team at Glass Doctor of Lynnwood adjusts your door closer so that the door seats in the frame as it should every time. Should the door become misaligned, our team can repair the frame and provide other hardware services to get the door reset.

Maintenance: Lubrication is the lifeblood of mechanical devices, and that holds true for your door closer. Our door closer care checks all of the fluid levels in your device, and replaces any missing oil or lubrication. Our experts then examine the door closer for the cause of the fluid loss, replacing screws and seals that may have gotten lost or damaged sense the last maintenance check.

Expert Care

The team at Glass Doctor of Lynnwood has the experience and the training to provide door closer care to your building without voiding your warranty. With our services, you will have a door closer that operates safely and smoothly for all of your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our door closer care services and to set up a consultation with a member of our team.