Storefront Doors

The glass windows and doors of your storefront are the first impression that potential customers have of your business. Because of this, keeping up the appearance of your storefront is essential to ensuring that potential customers will enter your store. If you need storefront glass repair service to maintain the appearance of your windows and doors, then you'll want to turn to our team at Glass Doctor® of Kalispell, MT. Our specialists have the skills, experience and tools required to perform any storefront glass repair you need.

Storefront Doors

In addition to providing high-quality storefront glass door repair services, we also provide our customers with the ability to choose from an extensive selection of decorative storefront doors that will complement the unique style of your business. We give our clients the option of upgrading their pane strength. We can install:

  • Bulletproof and fire-resistant panes to strengthen security.
  • Protection from high winds and inclement weather with the installation of hurricane-impact safety glass.
  • Tempered glass to reduce the risk of injury in case of glass breakage.

No matter which pane type you select, our team can customize the glass to feature your company's name, logo, hours of operation, address and more.

Security Film

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your existing storefront glass doors and windows, then we recommend the application of our security film. Our security film will:

  • Allow your storefront glass to break into bigger pieces that are much safer for employees to clean up.
  • Protect your storefront against potential damage caused by severe weather.
  • Discourage potential thieves or vandals from attempting to break into your store after its hours of operation.
  • Our security film will accomplish all of these things without blocking the sunlight from entering your store.

24-Hour Emergency Services

If your store has ever experienced damage to its glass doors or windows, odds are it occurred during a time that wasn't very convenient for your business. The need for storefront glass repair services seldom comes at a time that's convenient.

At Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT, we understand that your store schedule can make storefront glass repair or replacement quite a challenge. We offer 24/7 emergency storefront maintenance services to all of our clients. If your storefront glass windows or doors break, we will send one of our specialists to board up any damaged areas. After re-securing your business, we will clean up the broken glass to prevent injuries to your employees or customers. We will make an appointment to return to install your new panes at a convenient time. Whether you want to update your exterior or need immediate emergency assistance, count on the Glass Doctor of Kalispell team. Call to schedule storefront glass repair services today.