Emergency Home Glass Repair

Whether your glass breakage is the result of severe weather, an errant baseball or poor installation, Glass Doctor® of Kalispell, MT provides residents of Flathead County and the surrounding area with emergency window repair services 24 hours a day. Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT specialists arrive in mobile repair vans ready to install new glass or board up the damage site until the proper-size panes arrive. Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT team prides itself on great customer service no matter the time of day or night; so don’t hesitate to call when a glass emergency threatens your home's security.

Clear the Area

Our specialist's first priority upon arrival is to clear the area of injury-inducing rubble. This is especially important if you have children or pets living in your home. Glass shards can fly quite a distance from a violent impact. These sharp pieces are lying in wait just ready to puncture a barefoot or slice a hand from someone trying to help clean up. Get everyone out of the room and to a safe location and let the Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT specialists secure the area. Feel secure in your home with Glass Doctor’s after hours emergency care. Call a Glass Doctor specialist day or night for help with broken glass.

Emergency Window Repair Anytime

It seems like emergencies usually happen in the middle of the night, especially when there’s a dangerous storm involved. Don’t hesitate to call Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT anytime. Our trained specialists are ready and waiting to respond in a mobile unit that has everything necessary to secure your home once again. It doesn’t matter if the breakage is a huge picture window, sliding patio door or a transom over your entrance. Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT emergency window repair service is ready for any type of glass repair.

Avoid Emergencies

If your glass shows condensation between the panes and you can feel a breeze come through the windows, it’s time to consider installing some new energy efficient windows. Dual and triple pane Low-E windows provide great energy savings, but also add some protection against UV rays and noise pollution. Along with the safety and energy factor, brand new windows drive up your curb appeal and the value of your home.

Don't wait for an emergency to have a specialist from Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT come to inspect your windows. We offer a professional consultation on everything from window repair to total replacement. Call our team now to schedule an inspection!