Industry Glass Solutions

When you manage a commercial operation, high-quality facility maintenance is a must of good business. You need a team of dedicated service professionals to keep your buildings running smoothly and looking good. At Glass Doctor® of Kalispell, MT, we understand your requirements. Our glass professionals perform commercial glass repair, door closer services and a full range of industry glass solutions to meet your needs.

Commercial Care Program

We provide 24/7 response to your glass emergencies. When you need a higher level of service, our Commercial Care program offers premium benefits.

  • Get service at your convenience with priority after-hours response.
  • Save money with discounts on emergency board-up services.
  • We establish a commercial account for your business.
  • Members automatically qualify for special pricing on all services.

All auto glass orders originating from your property receive a discount.

Apartments and Condominiums

Multi-family properties require comprehensive care and maintenance. Our team offers a wide range of glass products and services to ensure your buildings have the functionality they need and the contemporary beauty your residents desire. We install, remodel and coordinate entryway windows and doors. Opt to upgrade your windows with safety glass, double pane windows and other specialty glass alternatives. We will help you increase safety in common areas with proper mirror backing and laminated glass. As a bonus to your loyal residents, we offer a 15% discount on auto glass orders originating from your property.

apartment windows


Glass enhances your restaurant with beauty, functionality, and presence. It showcases your culinary art for all to see. Our custom glass decor, commercial glass repair and an extensive offering of commercial glass products keep your restaurant attractive and operating smoothly. We install partitions, windbreaks, drive-up windows, and other outdoor solutions. Enhance dining areas with mirrors, glass tabletops, atriums and other custom glass decor choices. To appeal to foot traffic, we redesign entryways with sliding glass doors and plate glass windows.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities have specialized needs. When you’re in charge of facility maintenance, you require resources you can trust. At Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT, we are proud to offer the glass products and trustworthy professional services you demand. We provide windows, doors, partitions and other classroom and lab options. Upgrade offices with observation glass, glass tabletops and custom display cases. Residential areas will benefit from our custom creations, including new mirrors and shower enclosures.

Retail Locations

Attractive display windows impress retail customers enough to bring them in your door. Beautiful glass decor keeps them interested. At Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT, we provide the commercial glass solutions you need to accomplish these tasks and more. We enhance entryways with etching, bullet-resistant glass and custom options. Increase the safety and security of your shop with plate glass, safety glass and tinted glass. Draw a customer's eye to a select set of products with custom display case or glass shelving.

Hotels and Motels

Your business is all about pleasing your guests. You present elegant touches and functional enhancements to make their overnight stay comfortable. Our commercial glass repair, installation and maintenance solutions enhance your public and private areas and keep your guests happy. We will upgrade your entryways with specialty glass and safety glass to satisfy your beauty and function needs. Drive customer loyalty with a beautiful bathroom oasis, ask our specialists to design a tub enclosure or frameless shower door for suites, complete with one-of-a-kind vanity mirrors.

Cities and Municipalities

The public buildings you manage belong to everyone. It’s important to maintain and enhance them with beauty, convenience and functionality suitable for all who enter. We provide the commercial glass products and professional services you need to keep public building attractive and well-maintained. Maintain your entryways with repairs, redesigns and door closer services. Upgrade older buildings with new safety glass options, such as bullet-resistant glass, fire-rated glass, tinted windows and other safety and security options. We offer your municipal entity new construction design services, expedited purchase orders and other enhanced services.

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At Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT, we offer commercial glass repair solutions to maintain all of your industrial buildings to your high-quality specifications. Call us at 855-971-6148 to schedule a consultation or for more information.