Door Closer Repair Service

The first time a guest walks through the door of your business, they unconsciously form an impression of your company. When a customer walks through a door that works properly, they're more likely to form a positive first impression. Glass Doctor® of Kalispell, MT offers manual door closer care services and general maintenance to ensure your commercial doors operate safely at all times.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer allows a person to open a door easily without having to pull it shut. When a door closer is functioning correctly, the user will feel a level of resistance while opening the door that indicates the weight of the door. After the door has offered initial resistance, it moves open smoothly. When the user has finished opening the door, the door closer's spring makes the mechanism's arm close carefully until the door is back in its frame.

Door Closer Repair

The Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT team undergoes thorough training to install, repair and maintain door closers. We will keep door components remain in sound working order, so the building and user are safe. While the reason for poor operation may elude you, our team is familiar with a variety of door closer damage causes. Trust us to restore your entryway expertly. Your door may be malfunctioning because:

The door and closer are poorly matched: The heavier the door, the stronger the door closer it requires. A door closer with the wrong type of closer increases the odds of damage to the building, guests and employees.

The closer was incorrectly installed or adjusted: Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT door closer specialists use the proper resources to install and maintain door closers to extend their life and keep them in good condition. Regular maintenance will prevent:

  • Misalignment
  • Unusual or unexpected door movement
  • Damage to the door frame

Seals have broken or oil levels are off: Broken seals make hardware susceptible to damage and risk of lubricant leaks. A mechanical problem is likely if the door closer is leaking oil. The issue may be failed seals, a missing screw or broken O-rings. If you believe your door closer is low on oil, hire a professional to replace the oil. Door closers that lack the right amount of oil may cause a door to open or close too quickly, possibly damaging the door or injuring the user.

The door won't lock: When you own a business, leaving a door unlocked after hours is a risk you can't afford to take. A door with a difficult lock also compromises the door closer, locking mechanism and door frame.

Door Closer Care Services

When your door closer has an active warranty, hire a trained door closer specialist to complete maintenance work and repairs. Anything less than a trained professional endangers your business and customers. Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT promises to provide outstanding work. We serve local businesses beyond door closer care services; our specialists have comprehensive training in hinges, glass, thresholds, door frames and other door components. To learn more or to set up an on-site consultation, fill out our online request form or call 855-971-6148.