Professional Custom Mirrors in Kalispell

If you’re considering ways to brighten up a dark room, give some thought to the addition of custom mirrors. Placed properly, mirrors can send light around the room and create the illusion of more space. Whether you use one large mirror, several smaller ones or a combination of the two, Glass Doctor® of Kalispell, MT will advise you regarding design, placement and cost.

Complement Artwork

The use of custom mirrors provides a nice way to accentuate your existing paintings and photographs. Reflecting art in the mirror allows people to see it from different vantage points in the room.

You can also use a mirror to create a decorative faux window that you can move around the room as your mood changes. The use of one gigantic mirror makes a bold statement that draws attention. Add a custom, painted frame to make it really pop from the wall.

Use as a Cover-up

Custom mirrors are also a great way to cover up flaws in your walls, closet doors and anything else you don’t like about a room. If you have a utility panel in an unfortunate location, hang a custom mirror in front of it to make the problem go away. Our team will help you decide the best type of mirror for each situation. They offer custom sizes, thicknesses and edge finishes to meet any design or functional need.

Open Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a perfect place to experiment with the use of mirrors that not only help you look your best, but also provide elements of space, romance, and a welcoming atmosphere. Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT can come and measure your room to fit it with any type of from your dressing room to your vanity.

Play with Geometric Designs

Don’t think that mirrors only come in oval and rectangular shapes. Our specialists can create mirrors in a variety of interesting shapes and designs that are perfect for that man cave, home bar, game room or entertainment area. By mixing mirrors with other textures, you can create an inviting design that never grows out of style. Put a mirror wall behind your fireplace to help disperse the glow and bring warmth to the room.

Transform your Bathroom

Sometimes a small bathroom is almost impossible to light. They often have a small window and a tiny lighting fixture. Adding a large mirror or two can bounce the light around the room and give new life to old fixtures. Our team will even help you design a new glass shower surround that lets even more light flow throughout the room.

Other Home Decor Solutions

Along with custom mirrors, Glass Doctor of Kalispell can solve all your home decor needs. Glass table tops are an affordable and durable way to bring new energy to your dining and living rooms. A glass cocktail table is a perfect way to display mementos, photographs and small family heirlooms. Replace your bulky cabinets with glass shelving to really open up a room and provide a greater feeling of space. We even offer a tempered glass option to assist with preventing breakage.

Whatever your glass needs, Glass Doctor of Kalispell, MT will come to your home for a consultation. They will discuss every option in detail, including edging, tint, thickness, and the safety issues you need to know about when dealing with custom glass. Call today or schedule an appointment online.