Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Johnson City, TN

Glass Doctor® of Johnson City, TN is the go-to solution for auto glass care. We offer car window replacement or repair that will restore the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. Our auto window repair services include mirrors, sunroofs, front and rear windshields, side windows, and accessory glass panes.

Auto Glass Care

The windows around the passenger compartment provide between 30% and 60% of the structural strength of the vehicle, according to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) a non-profit dedicated to the safe installation of auto glass. Chipped or cracked windshields will deteriorate over time, as dirt and wind pressure causes the damages to escalate. Minor auto glass repair only takes about an hour and can be done at the location of your choice. Many insurance policies pay the full cost of windshield repair because it is inexpensive and reduces the associated insurance risks. If your insurance covers car glass repair, Glass Doctor of Johnson City, TN will file the paperwork for you.

Industry Standards and Specifications

Today’s vehicles include electronic devices, which may have sensors in the windshields. Our glass specialists will take note of the vehicle requirements, and you are always guaranteed to receive replacement equipment that meets the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). As a member of the AGSC, we adhere to strict industry best practices; the materials and adhesives meet or exceed industry standards.

Complete Auto Glass Care

Professional car window repair includes all of the glass in your vehicle. Most peripheral glass is tempered to prevent breaking into dangerous shards, but this type of glass cannot be repaired. If we do not have the particular piece of glass you need in stock, we will order a replacement and install it as quickly as possible. Initially, your glass specialist will verify the part number, provide you with an accurate estimate for the cost and schedule a time to make the replacement. Ask our specialists to replace your tempered glass panes, which when struck our irreparable. We have most windshields immediately available but may not stock a direct match for side windows, roof units, and other accessory glass.

Auto Glass Care and Protection

All new windshields we install come with our exclusive Windshield Protection Plan. This covers your windshield for 12 months and includes unlimited repairs and one full replacement service. The default guarantee does not include labor and materials, but you have the option of adding our Future Installation Option to cover any additional costs associated with the basic plan.

For the most protection, we offer installation services for new wiper blades and the application of our Hydrophobic Coating protective glass treatment. Hydrophobic Coating is a special treatment that creates a barrier between your windows and dust, grime, or environmental pollutants. One treatment lasts for years, and applications can be purchased separately.

Auto Glass Care Appointments

We provide a complete range of auto glass care, including accurate, expert estimates, professional customer service and unsurpassed glass services. To schedule car glass repair or ask about our other services, contact Glass Doctor of Johnson City, TN.