Windshield Repair and Replacement

It may be a small chip or a large crack that runs across the entire length of your windshield. In either case, a glass specialist from Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI will help you determine if your vehicle’s windshield needs to be repaired or fully replaced. Replacing your damaged windshield is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also to re-establish the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Jackson auto glass specialists consider a few factors when deciding between windshield repair and replacement. 

windsheild repair

  • Size: To avoid damage spreading across your windshield our auto glass specialists replace windshields with chips larger than a quarter and cracks longer than three inches.   
  • Location: Chips and cracks located near the edge of your vehicle’s windshield and in the direct line of vision of the driver warrant immediate replacement.  
  • Timespan: Chips and cracks will begin to accumulate dirt and other debris, clouding the windshield. It is important to replace the windshield before this becomes a serious problem. 

Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI works with most major insurance companies; insurance companies often waive the deductible of your windshield repair or replacement. Our team will handle all of the paperwork and file the insurance claim for you! 

Windshield Repair

Repairing your vehicle’s windshield has many benefits.

  • Windshield repair is inexpensive and saves you money.
  • The specialists at Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI will come to your home or office and repair the windshield in under an hour.
  • Windshield repair is eco-friendly as it keeps your damaged windshield out of the community’s landfill, where it will not decay or degrade.

Windshield repair is simple. It starts with the removal of any dirt or debris within the damaged area. A special resin is injected into the damaged area and given time to cure. The fully hardened resin is then polished until it fuses with the original glass. 

Windshield Replacement

The auto glass specialists of Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI also specialize in windshield replacement. When replacing a windshield, our Jackson glass specialists only use techniques and materials approved by the Auto Safety Glass Council™ (ASGC).

To begin the replacement process, the damaged windshield is carefully removed, and the bonding surface is cleaned. A windshield matching the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) is then chosen for your vehicle. The windshield is then placed on your vehicle, using the best adhesives. After the adhesives have fully cured, your vehicle is ready to be back on the road.

Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI offers a free 12-month warranty for your windshield. If your windshield is damaged within the first 12 months after installation, our glass specialists will repair or replace it for free. For more information about our Windshield Protection Page, visit the Windshield Protection Plan.

The auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI can assist you throughout the entire repair or replacement process. Let us repair your damaged windshield today!