Industry Glass Solutions

Your business should have access to reliable, consistent glass services around the clock. Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI, offers you a comprehensive suite of commercial glass care services, including emergency repairs, general repairs, replacements, new installations and routine maintenance. In addition, as a business you can take advantage of our Commercial Care program, which gives you access to a slew of unique benefits. Our glass specialists, along with the Commercial Care program, will ensure all of your glass needs met.

Apartments and Condominiums

Installing custom glass fixtures in your apartment complex delivers the upgrades it needs to attract new tenants and make your current ones stay. Glass shower enclosures in each unit, will add a luxurious appeal. Our glass specialists will provide the custom glass solutions you need to enhance your building. When glass breaks on the premises, use our 24/7 emergency glass repair service for immediate care. When you're a Commercial Care program member, your property's tenants and staff receive a 15% discount on our auto glass services.

apartment windows


The appearance of your restaurant defines your patrons' experience. Count on Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI, to supply you with custom glass fixtures like glass tabletops and custom mirrors. For utilitarian uses, ask our team about specialty glass buffet sneeze guards and sliding glass doors. Broken glass in a restaurant will ruin a guest's experience; that's why we offer you 24/7 emergency business glass repair services. We endeavor to keep your business in its best repair at all times.

Schools and Universities

Keep your school safe with the bullet-resistant and fireproof glass We'll help you show off your school pride with a custom display installed wherever you want. To enhance your ability to educate, we offer you glass tabletops and other fixtures that are useful for science labs. Most importantly, will help cut overhead costs with new window panes. Installing better panes throughout your building leads to a more comfortable learning environment and lower utility costs.


The first impression your business makes will be incredible when we install beautiful glass doors and windows to greet your customers. We'll entice customers into your store and present your products with beautiful glass displays. If any glass in your business breaks, you can call us and we'll provide you with emergency repair service immediately. You should also sign up for the Advance Measurement System. With this commercial glass care solution, we audit all of the glass in your building, so we know exactly what to replace before we arrive.

Hotels and Motels

Enhance your guests' stay with decorative glass throughout your rooms. You can use oversized wall mirrors to make any room feel larger. We will also upgrade your hotel bathrooms with vanity mirrors and custom glass shower enclosures. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency repair services when panes break in your hotel. These services lead to a better overnight experience for your guest, which makes them feel welcomed and eager to return.

Cities and Municipalities

Optimize the operation of your city with a full suite of useful glass resources. Ask our team to install sturdy commercial glass doors and windows that make controlling access easy. We'll also help you save your budget by retrofitting low-energy and low-maintenance windows.

Our goal is to improve every business with unbeatable glass care. Call our team today to setup a consultation. We will show you how your business can benefit from our glass services!