Auto Glass Care

Driving with damaged auto glass is always dangerous. At Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI, we encourage all local drivers to contact us the moment they spot an imperfection. Your driving safety depends on the condition of your windshield and car windows. We offer auto glass repair and replacement services throughout the Jackson area. Give us a call; we'll deliver a solution for your damaged glass.

Windshield Repairs

Even if you have a chip or crack that's small and out of the way, your windshield is no longer fully intact. This is important because your vehicle's safety depends on an intact windshield, especially in rollover and head-on collisions. Cracks weaken your windshield's ability to sustain significant force, making it more likely to shatter completely. We act quickly to seal small imperfections and restore your structural integrity.

Because keeping your original windshield is safer and cheaper, we will never suggest an auto glass replacement if auto glass repair is still possible. However, cracks and chips aren't fixable forever. Schedule your windshield repair before that gap has a chance to collect dirt and grow larger. Your damaged windshield may also shift slightly because of temperature fluctuations, which causes damage to spread.

Windshield Replacement

If you wait too long to repair your glass or the damage is extensive from the start, we will provide a full windshield replacement. Damage is also irreparable if it's located directly in the driver's line of sight, because dried repair resin will still interrupt your visual field. Fortunately, your safety will be completely restored with your new windshield.

We only install replacement panes that match the exact dimensions and features of the manufacturer's original. If your original windshield had temperature or moisture sensors, a radio antenna, warming stripes or any other safety and entertainment features, your new windshield will have the same technology. Of course, our specialists will use high-quality tools and precise methodology throughout the process, protecting the rest of your vehicle and ensuring a perfect fit.

Auto Glass Protection

While most windshields have panes of laminated glass, the rest of your car windows are usually made of tempered glass. Auto glass is tempered during the production process, causing it to expand and contract many times. This allows the glass to break into small, dull chunks instead of shattering into pieces. If your back windshield, sunroof or any of your car windows break, call us for an auto glass replacement.

Give your new windshield or car windows a little extra protection by taking advantage of our additional auto glass care options. We will treat your glass with a protective, heat-resistant tint or apply a layer of Hydrophobic Coating, our exclusive glass protectant that resists stains and pollutants. We also include the Windshield Protection Plan with every new windshield replacement, granting you unlimited repairs or one replacement within the next twelve months. Contact our team today for quality auto glass care!