Door Closer Repair Service

The best businesses know customer service begins at the front door. Many business owners and managers entice customers into their establishment with attractive storefront displays but fail to welcome guests at the front door. The moment a customer enters your business, they should experience exceptional customer service. The door should be easy to open, which is why Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI, has a one-of-a-kind door closer repair and maintenance service. All service plans are customized for your company.

How Door Closers Work

Few people consider how door closers work until there's a problem. The purpose of door closers is to allow your customers to enter and exit your business easily. When a client opens the door, the door should offer a small amount of resistance. Then, the door should then glide open smoothly and slowly. Once clear of the doorway, the door closer mechanism closes the door gently behind the user, returning the door to its frame.

Door Misalignments

If you find yourself pushing or pulling on the door when you are locking or unlocking, it, you may cause a misalignment. While disrepair and old-age can cause a door to become misaligned, the wrong door closer is often the culprit. The door closer should be sized to fit the weight of your door. Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI, specialists have spent hours training to repair and replace misaligned doors. If you try to fix your door yourself, you risk voiding warranties. We have the right tools and are experienced in door closer repair; our door closer maintenance service is designed to keep your entryway in top condition. We will regularly inspect your doors, at a time convenient to your business, to maintain the safety and efficiency of operation.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance Service

Door closers can have a variety of problems spring up. Often a missing screw, broken seal, broken O-ring or an oil leak are the cause of the problem. Like many mechanical problems, the longer you wait to seek repair, the worse the damage becomes. On our first door closer repair visit, Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI, will inspect your threshold, door frames, hinges, and all hardware and mechanical parts. We'll make recommendations for repair and create a maintenance plan. Your initial inspection is free, and we have up-front pricing, so there are never surprises with Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI.

We are proud that the professionals and specialists at Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI, live Jackson County. Performing door closer repair and maintenance for your business keeps our families and friends safe, too! It's a common-sense program suitable for any business. We make door and glass care easy! Call 517-714-4242 or contact us for a free walk-through and inspection of your property and doors.