Custom Mirrors

The ability to personalize your decor allows you to create the home you've always wanted. One furnishing that adds appeal, function and a design element to your home is a mirror. A custom mirror lets you tailor size, style and features exactly to your tastes. Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI, has the experience and tools necessary to provide you with custom glass solutions. If you're ready to add that unique piece to your space, consult with our experts.

The Benefits of Custom-Made Mirrors

Mirrors are more than a stylistic addition. They also work to provide additional benefits to dim rooms and cramped spaces. With strategic placement, mirrors can add depth and the illusion of more space. It opens the space up by optimizing light and expanding the surroundings.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Designers often employ mirrors to enlarge an area visually. Our team will help you decide the best place to hang a mirror to take advantage of this illusion. Custom projects to consider include:

Mirrored backsplash: Open up a kitchen or bathroom by using mirrors instead tiles for your backsplash. It adds a visual appeal that's easy to clean.

Full-length mirror: Add full-length mirrors for function or form. Favorite places to add full-length custom mirrors are in a closet, office or narrow entry hall. Mirrors are utilized to reduce a cramped feel, or to check your appearance on the go.

Framed mirrors: Add a decorative element above a mantel, in a dining room or over the bed. Framed mirrors are perfect for personalizing with size, shape and artistic detailing.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Put your home on display with the addition of ideally-placed mirrors. See your favorite artwork from a new angle with the right mirror placement. Or, make the mirror your art with tints, edges, frames and finishes. Some custom mirror ideas include:

Mirrored shelves: Get an all-around view of your favorite art pieces with mirrored shelves.

Hanging mirrors: Find the perfect size and spot to hang your custom mirror to give everyone in the room a look at your focal points. Mirrors are excellent tools for highlighting what you want visitors to see.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Light impacts a living space's environment. A room that lacks light becomes a negative space. Mirrors spread natural and artificial light with correct placement. Use lamps and windows together with mirrors to add a new dimension to your lighting. Great ideas to try are:

Mirrored surfaces: Add a mirrored top to side tables, buffet or shelving to reflect light upward.

Hanging mirrors: Add a mirror to your darkest rooms. Basements and bathrooms are among the most popular places to add these mirrors.

Walled mirrors: Add a bold lighting statement by adding a mirrored wall to a craft room or hallway.

Mirrors Made to Impress

A mirror's function still includes checking your appearance. Add custom mirrors to closets, bedrooms or by the entry. It adds style and performs a service for homeowners and visitors. Try floor-to-ceiling and full-length mirrors for a bigger view.

Our team gives expert assistance to help you bring your custom decor visions to life. We can guide you in making the best decisions, and will gather measurements and offer advice. To add a personalized reflection of style to your home, contact Glass Doctor of Jackson MI today to schedule your consultation.