Industry Glass Services for Harrisburg's Commercial Businesses

For a commercial glass repair or custom piece, Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL is the best in the business. Glass doors, entryways and decor give your commercial properties an engaging, contemporary appearance. When these beautiful glass elements break, it disrupts your business day and diminishes the look you worked so hard to accomplish. As your commercial glass care partner, Glass Doctor® of Harrisburg, IL offers professional solutions to meet your glass repair, maintenance, restoration and emergency service needs. Our team of specialists remodel windows and entranceways and install specialty and functional glass products. We offer glass care solutions that meet your specific business and industry needs.

Commercial Care Program

Our Commercial Care program offers an after-hours response, discounted emergency board-up services, commercial account setup, and member pricing. We respond to your glass emergencies 24 hours a day. Auto glass work-orders called in from member properties receive a 15% discount.

Superior Commercial Glass Care for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

When you manage a residential property, you need commercial glass care that maintains the look and safety your residents appreciate. Our specialists repair and maintain your existing patio doors, sliding doors and entranceways. We are able to upgrade storefronts to achieve an exciting new look. We install fire or shatter-resistant glass that heightens safety. Our custom mirror and glass decor improve on-site gyms, showers, locker rooms and common areas. Property residents receive a 15% discount on auto glass.

apartment windows


Our specialists listen to your ideas and recommend custom glass and mirror solutions to enhance your restaurant dining experience. We install plate glass windows, partitions, windbreaks and design-coordinated entranceways to beautify your restaurant exterior. Our custom mirrors, glass tabletops and glass decor combine to create an all-new dining atmosphere. Buffet guards, sliding drive-up windows and specialty glass options improve food service functions.

Schools and Universities

We offer commercial glass care that meets your school or university's unique blend of office, classroom and residential needs. We repair and install windows and doors for classrooms and labs. We meet specialty office requirements for one-way observation glass, custom cut glass tabletops, glass desktops and custom display cases. For enhanced security and safety, we upgrade interior and exterior windows with fire and shatter-resistant glass. We renew the look of residential areas with custom mirrors and modern shower and tub enclosures.


Our glass specialists work with you to customize glass and mirror options that beautify your business premises. We offer designer entranceways, bold display windows and custom shelving. Our etching, stained glass and other custom details heighten your retail presence. For added safety and security, we perform specialty glass window upgrades.

Hotels and Motels

Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL offers the commercial glass care products to redesign your hotel or motel with contemporary details. We install plate glass windows and elegant glass entryways that allow natural light to open up and beautify common areas. We improve guest experiences with shower and tub enclosure upgrades, stylish bathroom mirrors and custom workout room mirrors.

Cities and Municipalities

We provide commercial glass care solutions that keep public buildings in good repair. While function is important, we always strive to make every building attractive. We repair and install windows and glass entryways to ensure the lowest overhead costs. Plus installing low-emissivity and tinted window options will increase building energy efficiency. To protect employees we are able to install bullet-resistant and fire-rated glass.

Schedule a Consultation

Our specialists are available to discuss your commercial glass care needs. Contact Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL to schedule a consultation or for more information.