Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Harrisburg, IL

Proactive glass care is just one part of a solid disaster recovery plan. As a part of our emergency business glass service's priority to help you avoid losses, local businesses are encouraged to enroll in Glass Doctor® of Harrisburg, IL’s business recovery plan: the Advance Measurement System. This glass replacement service is available to businesses in Carrier Mills, Eldorado, Harrisburg and other communities.

Our Proactive Care System

Once you enroll, our glass professionals will measure all the mirrors, windows, doors and glass accessories on your property. We note every measurement in a diagram of your business. We give you a copy of the diagram, so if damage occurs you need only call with the information from your diagram. We will make a repair or replacement in one visit, often before your doors open for business the next morning.

Faster Care with Advance Measurement

If you have glass that breaks frequently, we can pre-order it and keep it in-stock for faster replacement. All Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL clients receive 24/7 emergency response, but if there's a situation that causes area-wide glass damage, your company's glass repairs take priority. Our team of first responders will clean the site of any glass shards or debris, then board-up the area to prevent additional damage from weather or vandalism. We'll return to finish the repair or replacement at a time convenient to you. If you want to guarantee your panes will be in-stock, pre-order the glass with our team. The mission of our Advance Measurement is to save business owners time, money and avoid the confusion a board-up causes customers and employees.

The Advance Measurement Advantage

Customer and employee safety is your concern, and ours, too. That's why Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL wants to reduce the risk of injury from the broken glass with the fastest possible response. Enroll in our system today! Call 618-715-0724 to schedule your free, onsite assessment. Your proactive glass care program with Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL also includes maintaining pre-established contact, financial, and insurance information on file in our office; we then handle as much paperwork as possible for you. If you have questions or comments, contact Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL today. We can put your glass care plan in place now so when problems occur, you can focus on keeping your business operations smooth and uninterrupted.